Monday, December 30, 2013

A new year approaches

Hey Everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas... it sure was great being able to talk to you all! Best Chrsitmas present that I could of had! :) It feels kind of weird because I feel like I told you everything already. But Chrsitmas was good and nice since the Shulz's let me Skype you all. Christmas day was sweet.... service at Cape Coast Castle cleaning windows, sweeping, and moping and what not.... it was sure fun... The windows where nasty though... I don't think that they had been cleaned in many years. I feel that is was worth it more because it showed the people there that we truly care about Ghana and Cape Coast... I didn't feel that the castle seemed a whole lot cleaner, but they now know that we care about this place and that is what really matters. Then we got to watch 17 miracles... sweet movie! Then I got to talk to you all! Sweet Christmas day.... the rest of the week was okay. As I told you last week I have a new companion, Elder Merrill. This are going okay. It is sure different, but I guess that I am used to change right now as I have had pretty much six companions in the last five transfers.... oh well. The people are still the greatest thing and I really can't complain... just have to keep working hard! I have been reading a talk about missionary work and it was talking about how charity is the most important part of the missionary. If you don't learn to love the work and the people then you will go and return in vain. 1 Corinthians (I believe chapter 13 or so) talks about it. You have to have that love to truly make an impact on yourself and on the people. Love and charity are two of the best attributes that one can have, so we better develop them! I love you all and I hope that you all have a happy new year! Elder Walston
Elder Walston in Cape Coast

Elder Walston and Jeffery
The trio

Eating ampesi,

Service project


Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I hope that you have a great Christmas Eve and a Wonderful Christmas tomorrow! It is weird to be in a different climate, with different people on this awesome holiday but it is really cool. This week has been really awesome and packed. We have been able to do a lot of service this week and that has been probably the best part of this week. Last Wednesday we went to one of our members home, the Arthur's, and since we had extra supplies at the apartment where we were able to paint their house for them. As it can be common to have writing above the door of a house they said that we could write something on their home... so now it says House of Mormons... It looks way sweet! I will send you a picture soon. But yeah... they feed us some ampesi afterwards and that was way good! :) Then we also had our Christmas part on Saturday... that was a blast and everyone sure enjoyed it! There was a TON of food and we had quite a bit of leftovers so they gave that to older people in the ward.... Way sweet.... lots of people dancing, playing games and just having a good time. So yesterday was transfer day and I have yet another companion.... his name is Elder Merrill and he is from West Jordan, Utah. It was weird to see Elder Cavaness leave and Elder McKeon is now training a Tongan in our apartment. It is cool though... weird but cool. So my little uplifting thought for this week has come as I was finishing the Book of Mormon this week... I was reading the end of Moroni and it continually emphasizes Faith, Hope, and Charity. They all must exist in us to truly do our best and become like Christ. We each have our own opportunities to choose whether or not we want to develop the Christ-like attributes. If we do then we will be able to live happier lives and enter into the Kingdom of God and receive that ultimate happiness of eternal life. I love you all so so much and I am really excited to be able to talk to you guys tomorrow! I love you all and hope that you have a Merry Christmas! Just know that you have an Elder out here in Ghana who loves each and everyone of you! Elder Trevor Walston

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Time is Flying By

Hey all!! This week was pretty packed of fun.  We had our Mission Christmas devotional last Friday and that was way fun.  We sung a lot of Christmas songs, had some powerful instruction, and then we got to watch the movie Forever Strong as that is our motto of our mission right now.  That was cool but also way different to see a movie.  The Motto of Forever Strong and Kia Kaha is so awesome as we must always do OUR best... be the strongest missionary that I can be, be the strongest follower of Christ that we can be, and simply do OUR best.  We must focus on being our best selves.  Then we will be Forever Strong and everything else will start to come into place and we will be truly happy!  But yeah... so we also had a huge lunch full of rice! Sooo good!  Then we had a talent show and that was cool!  Fun time being able to see all the missionaries in this mission.... some of them I had never seen before.
Today we played some soccer with four other zones in this mission way fun!  Nice to get back and play some football.  But yeah... mission life is good!  It was cool to see as our ward mission leader go on his mission to Nigeria... he is in the MTC right now.  Missions are great... they are one of the best ways that you can serve the Lord, but in actuality, I am helping myself become a better person.  I have grown thanks to the Lord, but I have so much more room to improve... that is why we must lean on the Lord!  Put all our trust in him!
Well... I kind of ran out of time, But I love you all!  Take care!
Elder Walston

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Christmas Holidays Begin

Hey everyone!  Hope you all are enjoying this time of the year where it is just getting hotter and hotter.... well I guess for you colder and colder ;)  Hope everything is well and this Holiday season is a great one for all!  So Ghana has been sweet... we have been pretty busy in the office trying to get everything taken care of as missionaries are getting Christmas packages, preparing for the Christmas devotional and the fact that I am the only office elder right now.... can be a little stressful at times but I am figuring things out :)  But it has been fun and interesting being in a threesome again but this time I am 'that' third companion... it is way fun though... Elder Cavaness and Elder McKeon are sweet elders.  This week we took a little adventure and went to Forth Ridge which is like a 45 minute walk... it is in our proselyting area and we had a refferal from the bishop of the Moree Ward.  The man we taught over there was very nice... and it was also the richest person in Ghana that I have ever been at their house and taught.  We actually sat on chairs around a table... he heard about the church about 12 years ago and wanted to join but then he moved to Tamale, which is northern Ghana, and the church hasn't there yet.  Now that he is back down here he wants to join the church and hopefully we can help him be converted unto the Lord! 
So a scripture that I really like that I have read recently read is D&C 11:21... it says that must first know the things that we teach before we teach them.  We must be converted unto the Lord before we can truly convert others... we can't convert others beyond our own conversion.  It is so important to have a testimony for ourselves.  As we help our knowledge grow, then we will be able to help others come closer to God.
So I love you all!  And take care!!
Elder Trevor Walston

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

An interesting week.

Hey everyone!  How are you all?  I hope everything is going well.  So this week was rather hectic and crazy.  Looks like I am going to be in another threesome for the next three weeks, as Elder Holt went home today.  I will be with Elder McKeon and Elder Cavaness for the next little bit and when I am in the office I will just hang out with the office couple, the Crittendens.  So last Wednesday we went on splits with the Zone Leaders where one went with each companionship so Elder Holt and I were with Elder James.  That was a pretty fun day... enjoyed some hamburgers and whatnot.  It was fun... we have a really sweet Zone right now... and come to think of it, it is also a really white Zone... only three Africans.  But yeah... Saturday and Sunday where the interesting days.  Saturday we where at the mission home most of the day.  The Shulz's actually called us over and we had dinner with them... we had their leftover Thanksgiving dinner and it was sooo good!  Oh yeah... we didn't really do anything for Thanksgiving, just a complete side note.  But while we were at dinner they talked about stuff and talked about how he needed to go home, so they tried to get him out on Sunday but that didn't work so he ended up leaving today.  But then they pretty much asked for us just to spend the day Sunday at their house so we helped Sister Shulz put up her Christmas tree witch was awesome to get in the Christmas spirit!  We also made cupcakes and watched a session of the last General Conference, one that I hadn't seen yet.  It was a pretty sweet day for me at least... not really productive but I have to say that the Shulz are awesome people.... very nice and caring for their missionaries.
So I just want to say that the Lord knows what he is doing to each and everyone of us and he has a plan for us.  He knows our limits and will push them, but when we endure those trials it will make us a stronger and better people.  The Lord is here for us.  Without trials we would not grow.  No pain, no gain.  The Lord only puts the hard times in front of us to make a stronger and better people.  He truly wants the best for us, and I have seen that many different times here in Ghana.  I am so blessed for the trials I suffer even though I may not enjoy them at the time, I know that they are good for me.  Ghana is a wonderful place and I am so happy to be blessed enough to be here! 
Hope everyone enjoys this Christmas season as we are about to celebrate the birth of our Savior and Redeemer.  Love you all and take care!
Elder Trevor Walston

Monday, November 25, 2013

A Week of Thanksgiving in Ghana

This week has been a slow week, a week of challenges, yet a very rewarding week that was very fun.  This last Thursday we had interviews with President Shulz and that was fun.  I always enjoy being able to talk with him and being able to be spiritually fed.  Yep!  I was also able to get myself a sweet kente tie made for me... I wore it yesterday and got more compliments on it that I think I have ever had on anything before. People can see that I now becoming a true Ghanaian... I now have a Nigerian tie and a Ghanaian tie!  Yep!
Yesterday we had stake conference here in Cape Coast... so many people and Latter-day Saints were there it was crazzy.  I had to stand the entire time because they did not have enough room in any of the rooms or in the chapel to fit everyone... there was probably around 2000 maybe 2500 people there.  It was sweet as they focused on missionary work so much.  They pointed out how the members need to help out the missionaries to help the work progress.  It is so true.  Without the members help our work will go in vain.  They are the ones who can truly help this church grow.
But anyway... today was way sweet!  We had a Thanksgiving feast with most of our Zone, the APs and President and Sister Shulz at our apartment today!  We got some chicken and fried it up all good and we got some mashed potato mixes (from home) and enjoyed ourselves a nice little feast with each other.  It was rather fun and enjoyable just to have the missionaries come over to our apartment and enjoy some.  It was also nice to be able to have President and Sister Shulz enjoy at our place as well.
So my thoughts for this week is that we must put in our effort.  To make ourselves, others, and the gospel grow, we must be willing to put in the effort necessary or else all will go in vain.  In my mind, everything goes back to Diligence and Hard Work.  They are two of the main components if one wants to accomplish anything... if we forget them then all else will fail.  We have to be willing to do the things necessary to help us and make us grow stronger.  You put in that hard work and then everything will follow.
Well I love you all!  I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!  Take care!
Elder Trevor Walston

Monday, November 18, 2013

No longer a teenager

Hey guys!  How is back home?  Thanks for all the letters, emails, birthday wishes, and everything else.  This week has been pretty sweet, crazy, and hectic. It was weird to get another new companion and kind of sad to say goodbye to Elder Adams but I got my new companion Elder Holt this last Wednesday and so now in the office and my companion knows nothing about it so I have kind of been in charge and that can make it very very stressful but it is good.  I love my area and it makes me happy to be able to go out and teach.  Last Saturday we went out and proselyted until about 1:00 when we came back for lunch.  I have to say that Elder McKeon and Elder Cavaness are way sweet and awesome.  When we got back to the apartment  they hung a little banner and had balloons that said 'Happy freaking birthday bro/elder Walston'... way sweet and nice of them.  Then we fried some chicken and enjoyed that way.  That definitely helped my day but just being able to go out and have one of the more productive days of this week made it pretty good and pretty awesome.  Yesterday was also the primary progam at church and that was way cute and awesome... cool to hear these little Ghanaian kids sing... oh and Africans sing loud and proud.... they never really have anyone playing music but you can sure hear them sing.. it is pretty powerful.  I have definitely felt the spirit with me this last week.  It is amazing to see how mission has strengthened me so far and helped me become a better person.  I just love the people here... they are so nice, charitable, friendly, and they love to talk about religion and God.
So my little spiritual thought today is something that I have always loved from Preach My Gospel..... it is a quote from Ezra Taft Benson I believe and it talks about how the key to missionary work is work.  You simply have to work and push forward.  If you don't put in the effort or really try to do your best and make the changes that you have to in your life, God will not be there to help you in the times that you need him most.  Diligence is key to everything.  We must stay strong... forever strong.  If we do not do this and if we don't want to work hard every day, then you are taking away blessings from yourself that you could have received...  I signed up for this so I better do the best job that I can! :)
So I love all you guys back home!  I hope all is going well and that you are enjoying good old America.  Love you and take care!
Elder Trevor Walston

Monday, November 11, 2013

Getting Yet Another Companion

Hey Guys!! Nice to hear from!  This week has been pretty crazy and pretty sweet!  We are getting some pretty powerful investigators and the Ghanaian people are just awesome.  They are also willing to listen to what you have to say... sometimes the challenge here is deciding who is serious and who is just meeting with you just to talk to you, but I am loving it.  Elder Caveness came back this last week and so these last few days it has just been Elder Adams and me.
So Elder Adams is leaving me in the office to go to Odoben and I will be getting an Elder Holt... I don't really know all that much about my new companion besides that he has only been on mission for three months and that he is American.  It will be a blast here in Nkanfoa!  Elder McKeon and Elder Caveness are staying in the apartment so it shall be fun!
This last week I went on splits with our District leader and that was pretty fun... he is a sweet and powerful guy... makes me hope that I will able to help myself become more spiritual and be able to do work here in Ghana!  The other elders also had two baptisms this last week and that was cool to be able to see.
We definitely have some crazy sweet investigators... we had one feed us fufu yesterday... some of the best fufu that I have had.... it was really good and really nice of them.  I aslo had a chicken foot and cow stomach this week... they were not too bad... the chicken foot was really boney and the stomach was really chewy but not too bad.  We have an investigator who we started teaching this week and he has already given us referrals and he he brought a friend of his to church with him yesterday  It is way sweet to see people who have been prepared for this gospel and just be able to help them see the truth.  The work is surely an awesome and amazing work.  You just have to push forward and not be afraid to to speak, to share a message about the gospel and then you are golden!  Yep... missionary work can be grueling work but it is one that will always be worth it!
Ghana is so stinkin' sweet... I love everything here!  I hope the States are treating you all well!  Thanks for all the letters and all the love and support!
Your Ghanaian missionary,
Elder Trevor Walston

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello from Ghana!

Hey everyone!  How is everything going?  It is kind of weird to think that it is getting to be winter there and that it is just getting warmer and hotter and humid here, but I think I am finally starting to get used to the weather here... we got to watch both afternoon sessions of General Conference yesterday!  That was pretty sweet... the bishop let us watch it in his office in English while  everyone else watched it in the chapel in Fante.  So the bishop has AC in his office and I was FREEZING the entire time... I actually like the heat... the only time it really bothers me is when the sun is scorching down on me... but yeah... conference was pretty sweet from the two session that I was able to watch... I have to say it was kind of weird to see that many white people but I love the messages!  And we were able to get two investigators to come to church and see conference!  First time since I have been in this area that anyone has come... but then again when I came there was only one investigator.  This last week was pretty good... we taught and taught and taught some more.  This week was AWESOME!  It is weird that I am almost done with a transfer here in Nkanfoa... and Elder Caveness is coming back this Friday so only four more days of a threesome and then back to just Elder Adams and me.
So... one thing that I have realized this week is that there are miracles that are happening in every aspect of our lives... we just have to open our eyes to them and pay attention.  As long as we are being diligent and doing all that we should be, we will be blessed in many different ways.  In District Meeting this last week we were challenged to, at the end of the day, to just take one moment to take a look at the day and see all the blessings that the Lord has provided us with... it really is amazing to see how the Lord really has a hand in everything that we are doing.  Yep!
Yep.. so I love you all!  Take care!
Your Ghanaian Missionary,
Elder Trevor Walston

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello from Ghana!

Hey everyone!!  So this week has been pretty well... fun and enjoyable.  I definitely love Ghana and most everything about it.  I have figured out that you choose how you feel and how you act... it is all up to one's self to decide how their attitude is going to be, for the better or for the worse.  So I guess we all better make that attitude the best we can, right? :)  So this week was a lot of teaching and a lot of work... and it has been getting quite hot... dry season is starting to hit and I can definitely feel the difference.  We were able to teach 20 lessons this week, but we are having trouble getting any of our investigators to come to church, but they are slowly making progress!  Friday was a fun and interesting day... with our zone, we went to Ola (a part of Cape Coast) and helped the bishop, Bishop Ewudzie, with building his house (our bishop's brother)... that was pretty fun and it will probably be one of the nicest homes in Cape Coast when it is done... we mainly just helped clean up and move stuff around and other cool things... we were there for about four hours just helping out... it was fun and good... it is awesome to be able to just help people out... then we were stuck in the office till seven that night and I kind of got sick again... a fever, bad stomach and some runny tummy... but luckily I felt better Saturday and was able to go out and teach.
This week we are supposed to write a little bit and send it to Sister Shulz on how exact obedience brings miracles.... I have realized that my mission as a whole has really been a miracle for me... it has helped me grow, overcome challenges and as I stick things out and just grin and bear it, you learn to love everything and you start to realize how much God knows what is good for you and why you are in the situations that you are in...  just have to trust in God... 'In God We Trust'... that is all we must do... do everything that he asks and then he will do the rest... we just have to put complete trust in him!
So I love everyone and take care!!
Elder Trevor Walston

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Week with two Companions

So this week was cool... it was pretty busy and we were able to go out a lot more... and our numbers definitely showed that.  But yeah... we are with Elder McKeon since his companion is in the States and is recovering from surgery... he had to get two hernias taken care of.... so we are in a threesome!  And it is pretty sweet.... both of them are sweet sweet guys and Elder McKeon definitely has more people to teach so we just aren't searching but we are teaching his investigators and working with the members to try to get referrals.  It is fun.... and he goes out with Ward Missionaries when we are in the office.... so yep...
Ummm... yeah... we were able to meet with the doctor this week and most everything is cool... just lots of teaching and talking to people this week... we only have two investigators right now but we are working on things!  Just having fun doing the Lord's work!  There is one younger man who we are teaching that I love... he is ripped... but the hard part is that he is constantly working... he is super sweet though and I think that good things are about to take part of his life :)
So yeah... today we went to a soccer pitch in Cape Coast with our Zone... it was pretty sweet and fun... still need to find myself a pair of soccer cleats though... guess that I am just too cheap to get them :)  But yep... it was pretty sweet and fun.  So yeah... Love everyone and I am living it up here in good old Ghana!!  Oh yeah... Ghana beat Egypt 6-1 this last week in soccer... it was way funny because every time that Ghana scorred a goal you could hear and see the whole town yelling and screaming and dancing and just celebrating... I started to get a little confused though because they scored SO much... yep... but that is life here in Ghana!  Love you all and wish you all safe adventures back home! :)
Elder Trevor Walston

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Slow Week in the Office

Not all that much really happened this week... my companion was sick
most of this week and then right as he got better I got sick on
Saturday... it felt pretty crummy but oh well... I was able to get up
and go to church on Sunday... speaking of which I got to give a talk
in Sacrament Meeting and I also got to teach the Youth Sunday
school... I had only been able to spend 30 minutes preparing because
they let me know Friday and I was sick most of the time between then
and church... but it still went pretty well and I was able to take
most of the time that I was supposed to.  Yesterday was all about
missionary work... they had us, the ward missionaries, and the few RMs
do everything... it was pretty cool... a lot of powerful stuff about
missionary work... one scripture that I like is Corinthians 13:13 as
charity is one the most important things that we can have in our
missionary work and service.
So the rest of the week... when we were able to go out was spent in
the office... we had to go get more money for the mission and all the
Zone Leaders were coming down to Cape Coast for Zone Council so they
all had orders that we had to collect. My companion and I were only
able to actually proselyte yesterday because he was either sick or we
were in the office... and I guess I was sick on Saturday... But I
still was able to go with Elder McKeon on Wednesday as his comp was
sick as well... so I really haven't been able to teach all that much
in this area yet and that is kind of disappointing so I hope that it
will get better.
The Elders in this apartment eat a lot... and more than just rice and
noodles although we do still have that a bit... pancakes pretty much
every morning... I am starting to get fat again... gaining all that
weight back... not out in the heat walking as much and I am getting
more food in me.... yep... honestly I miss the tough missionary
proselyting work but the office is cool at times too.
I love you all so so much!  Take care!
Elder Trevor Walston

Monday, October 7, 2013

Down in Nkanfoa

This last week has been pretty fun and crazy.  So last Tuesday my companion and I were trying to get the area and everything ready for the next set of missionaries who were going to Nyenasi... and then at night the branch held a farewell for us missionaries... which I kind of felt bad for but it was really nice of them to show how much they cared and they are really nice caring people.  So Danquah from there was able to get baptized last Saturday and that was AWESOME!! Even though I wasn't able to be there.
So my new place is pretty sweet... Nkanfoa is just barely outside of Cape Coast and it is where the mission home is... our apartment is actually like a two minute walk to the mission home.  So I am going to be in the office on Thursdays and Fridays from 10 to 4 just doing whatever they need... buying supplies, finances, and anything else they need help with and I have been told that they can call us whenever else that they need help... honestly I am already really bored of that place but it is still fun.  My companion is Elder Adams and he is from Logan, Utah... he is a really big and a really really quiet quy... kind of reminds me of Brandon Leonard looks and Nathan Jones in talking.... So we can say that I am having to be the one taking charge when we are out proselyting... its kind of weird because I am not the most vocal person but it is good for me.  In the first few lessons that we have taught I probably spoke all but 5 minutes... a great learning experience!
There is a ward here in Nkanfoa and most of the people here speak English but there is still a descent amount that just speak Fante... Fante is similar to Twi but people say it is easier from going to Fante to Twi.... so no luck in that but it is fun... I still understand small.  Our apartment is one of the biggest in the mission and I have the biggest bedroom in the mission... I almost don't like it but it is pretty nice.... there are two other Elders in the apartment, Elder McKeon and Elder Caviness... the are sweet guys, that are both from America as well... Elder Caviness is having to come home this week to get surgery, So I will be in a threesome until he comes back which should be in about two weeks later... hopefully.
Life here is good... missionary work is hard because they only have one person to teach... but hopefully I will be able to it moving along.
I love you all! I got a package from Mom this week.... it is nice being here because I then get the mail as it comes! :)  Thanks for all the love and support!  It is weird that it has already snowed there... I think I will have summer for at least the next two years... or a really really hot and humid summer for two years.. :) Love ya!
Elder Trevor Walston

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Time to Learn some Fante

So... little bit of news... I finished my training and tomorrow is
transfers and I am leaving Nyenasi... kind of sad... really sad... we
have an investigator being baptized on Saturday, but we are leaving
tomorrow... both my companion and I are being transferred out of the
area so we hope that all our efforts do not go to waste.  My
companion, Elder Molefe, is going to be a Zone Leader.  I am going to
the Mission Home Office to be an Office Elder... my proselyting area
is going to be Nkanfoa... from what I know they speak Fante there and
it is a little village right on the outside of Cape Coast... it will
be fun... I am going to be companions with an Elder Adams... hopefully
all will be well!
But yeah... it was pouring rain here almost all week... there were a
few times where we got stuck at certain places for quite a few
hours... but yeah it was fun... and my companion was a little sick as
well but we were still able to go out and teach... I think that we
have one other investigator who could be baptized in a few weeks if
the people after us keep on teaching him.  One of this guys best
friends is a strong member so I think that will end up good.
It was sad to have to bear my testimony and say goodbye to everyone at
church on Sunday... when we told the branch president that we were
both leaving the area, you could just see his head and shoulder
droop... it was sad to see President Armah, who is like 75 years old,
just look so devastated... but it will all be good!  They are having a
meeting to say goodbye to us and a member of the branch who is leaving
on a mission this Friday to Nigeria tonight.  But yeah... it has been
hard yet fun here... I have definitely seen myself grow!
So yesterday we had a Zone activity... it was pretty fun and sweet!
We watched the Best Two Years and the Other Side of Heaven and then we
tried to make hot dogs and onion rings with what Ghana has to
offer.... we also played some card games... it was pretty sweet!  Life
in Ghana is sweet... I think I have realized that I need to be more
like this people here... they are so nice and charitable... yeah...
But I think life will be a little bit different these next few months
as I will be at the mission home and everything even though I will
still be proselyting... Life is good though... you have to enjoy what
you have while you have it.  Love everyone back home!!!  Miss you and
wish everyone the best of luck with everything!

Elder Trevor Walston

Monday, September 23, 2013

Life is good :)

Hey guys!  So today we came down to Cape Coast to play some basketball
and soccer... I didn't really play... just talked to the other
missionaries... but yeah... life has been cool. It is raining really
hard right now... this weather confuses me... yep! Yesterday was
pretty sweet... there is a member in our branch who hasn't been able
to come to church for quite a while because he had a stroke a little
ways back and can barely walk, his name is Kwame Adu... we where able
to get him a wheelchair and take it up to him after church yesterday
with our District, Branch, and Relief Society presidencies... we
talked with him and sang a hymn... that was a cool experience to be
able to help someone out like that!
We also were able to go to the farm last Saturday and help a less
active harvest his cocoa... we cut them open and just pulled out all
the seed and gathered them together... we probably went through around
800 cocoa fruit... it was pretty cool and fun except that i think i
kind of messed up my thumb... I got some of the fruit jammed under my
fingernail and it got shoved way far under... kind of hurts but it is
cool.  Other than that life is cool... it is weird to think that I
have been in Ghana for three months now. Oh... by the way... I got
another package from Mom and Dad!!!  Thank you!  Everything here is
great... life is good and I am keeping fairly healthy... or just
getting used to being sick. ;) Love everyone back home and miss
everyone as well! Thanks for all the mail and packages I receive!
Elder Trevor Walston

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chillin in the good ole Sun

Hey Everyone! So this last week has been cool and fun... it has been getting pretty hot and humid here... man I am getting really tan.... or maybe its just a permanent burn... but yep!  I am in Cape Coast right now since Ghana just passed a new immigration law where we had to come down and get immigration cards or we could be stopped and put in jail if we didn't have them (but really you could just bribe the police officers and it would be fine)... so the church has to pay a lot of money to get all their missionaries this so everything is cool with the Ghanian government.
But yeah... other than that not much happened this week... I went to Praso to go on splits with the District Leader and we biked to the town Kayriku again... it has been pretty fun... I think that we might have a baptism this next week... this guy, Brother Danquah, had his little kid (9 years old) baptized by the missionaries before me and so this guys is really strong... we have been teaching him for about two months now... yep!
Life is good... I only have two more weeks of training left and then I will probably be put with someone else as my companion... it is crazy to think that I was set apart 12 weeks ago today... And we watched the missionary broadcast today so I was President Bowman and our chapel!! That was cool... just like I was at home again!  Well... I love you all thanks for everything! And thanks for the packages Mom and Kristi!!
With Care!
Elder Trevor Walston

Monday, September 9, 2013

Doing well here in Nyenasi

This week was just another week here in Ghana... not much really
happened... we got fed fufu three nights this week and then we were
just doing work trying to get people to come to church and then them
not coming... Last night we were teaching a lesson and right as we
said the closing prayer then the lightning struck nearby and the power
went out... and it started to rain pretty hard... we still don't have
power back... hopefully it won't be out too long this time... it makes
it a little harder to do stuff especially if we run out of water.
So I went to the farm again this week... we went to a members cocoa
farm and helped him harvest the cocoa... so cocoa can be green and
purple or if it is ripe it will turn to yellow or red... not what one
usually thinks of when they think of cocoa... but it was pretty fun.
And then we harvested a little bit of cassava so he could feed us and
his family fufu... right now that is the only Ghanaian food that I
really love. :)
So yep!  That is life here... just same old same old...  It is getting
hotter... at least I think it is... I am sweating a bit more...
especially during my study time... but yep!  I think I will probably
only have three more weeks here Nyenasi but who knows.  Love everyone
back home and miss you all!
Elder Trevor Walston

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just another week!

Hey! This week was just one full of work...  I went on splits again with the Zone Leaders this last Wednesday... I had to lead everything since I stayed in Nyenasi... that was interesting but fun... we had a hard time finding a translator for the first two hours so it was interesting just trying to talk to people but then our Branch Mission Leader was able to come and help us and we had some pretty good lessons.  Life is good though... this last week I found out that I have been eating giant rats for quite a while... they call it grasscutter meat... guess I should have figured it out before but we saw them on the floor of the place where we buy our fufu and then I realized, "That's the meat that I have been eating." But yep!  and I got to eat the tail the last time we went there.... yum... actually it didn't taste all that bad.
So yep... today we came down to Cape Coast and had interviews with the mission president... it was cool and fun.... we went to one of the forts up here as well... I think it was called fort Victoria or something like that and then we ate fufu here... the best I have yet had in Ghana so far and I am really starting to like fufu... but not banku yet....
Life is good and I really don\t have all that much interesting to say... Love everyone back home and yeah!
Take care and with love from Ghana!
Elder Trevor Walston
Where we buy our Fufu
A door

Elder Walston at Fort Victoria

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another Marvelous Week in Nyenasi

Hey everyone!  This week was alright.... hard but good at the same time... But yep!  So... this last week was rather boring... we are having a hard time to get our investigators to keep their commitments especially coming to church... it stinks that we have to be out proselyting for at least nine hours a day and that it is hard to get people to act upon anything even though that everyone says they will come to church or do something or another.  Oh well... I went on splits with the Zone Leaders for the first time last Saturday through Sunday... I went to Praso!  It was cool to see the differences and similarities between the two different areas in Ghana... I definitely felt like I was a little more at church in Praso and that they where more organized... But it was a nice change to see the differences and similarities of missionaries as well... I went with Elder Harris who is brand new to the area so that was an interesting experience but it was fun and I guess the want to do it again so I will having him come to Nyenasi this Wednesday.
But yeah... I am in Cape Coast today because the Zones got together for P-day and we played some football (soccer) and just chilled.... It was cool to see other missionaries and I got to meet Elder Dalton and talked to him and his companion for a bit...It is funny but we were talking and he came to one of our football Thanksgiving matches about three years ago where I probably meet him before.  Football was fun and I have a little competition here with the Africans and a few of the Americans can play as well... although I think I got burnt really bad for the first time since I got here... my forehead is burning right now!
I was able to weigh myself the other day and I am losing weight!  I have lost about 16 to 18 pounds... not sure how okay I am with that but I am back down around 150... but I better stop losing so much and tapper off... but the Elder Harris I went on splits with lost 90 pounds so far on his mission and he is 6'6" and he came here weighing only 270...  But I am going to do well.
One interesting thing that I saw this week... I got to see a goat give birth yesterday... right outside our Zone Leaders apartment... literally on the dirt ground right in front of their apartment... it was interesting and after a while the baby just popped out like in less than a second... Interesting to see... kind of gross though.
That has been my life for this last week... Though, fun, interesting, and I am not the youngest person in my district now!  Two Americans came this last transfer!  But yep!  Life is good and Ghana is still here and pushing forward!  Love everyone home and I really enjoy the letters!  Keep 'em coming! ;)
Elder Trevor Walston

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One Transfer Down!

So hey everyone!  It is great to hear about everyone and their lives!  This last week was alright... we took a bike trip to a little town that took about 30 minutes to get there.. it was fun and it was raining quite a bit but then it cleared up.  At the town we went around and just talked to the people about the Gospel and as we were riding the bikes (we have to borrow them from a member) a guy waved us over and then he started chewing us out saying that we have no right to be in Ghana and what are we doing taking pictures there... it took a while but we explained everything and he understood... he said he thought we were spies.  Why would anyone send spies to the middle of nowhere in Ghana?!  Oh well...  The place we biked to is in Western Region, while Nyenasi is in the Central Region... I guess that we are pretty much on the border.
I got the book from Dad to try to learn Twi better today!  Hopefully it helps!   Thanks a bunch!
We also had an opportunity to go to our Branch Mission Leader's farm and weed and plant plantain and cassava.  It was pretty fun but everyone was like a white man can't do work... gets kind of frustrating... people really really really stereotype white people over here as lazy rich people who can't do anything for themselves.  Oh well... the farm was still way fun though!  Got blisters on my hands from using the cutlass but it was good.  I also got to try some cocoa... it is actually a really fruity sweet... it is the seeds where we get the chocolate from... pretty sweet!  But that is life in Nyenasi!  Love everyone back home and miss them!
Elder Trevor Walston 



The Farm.
Cocoa Bean!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

5 weeks in!

So... Ghana is interesting.  I was able to experience my first funeral
as a member in our branch died three months ago... they do their
funerals a LONG time after they die it's weird... there is going to
bee one in two weeks for a guy who died over six months ago!  But they
are really weird... they last all weekend, three days, and there is
lots of music and parties and dancing.  They bring in huge speakers
and blast music all weekend REALLY loud.  I mean really loud.  I can
hear it from any part of town and it hurts my insides when I walk by
the speakers... put it is definitely interesting to say the least.
So... I am doing alright... picking up Twi more and more, day by day.
People always laugh and me when I say something like its a white man
speaking Twi!  And maybe a because I know so little.  But we have a
few pretty strong investigators right now.  They are mostly in their
teens or low twenties because the younger people here are the only
ones who can really speak English... any older than people in their
twenties and most of them can't really speak English at all. But
We were fed Banku twice by members this week.  I don't really like it
all that much... fufu is much better but I have been trying to stay
away from Ghanian food since I got typhoid.  I miss food from home...
I am starting to get sick of rice and ramen noodles but I think I am
starting to find other things that I can manage.
I have to say I miss everyone from home but I am trying that to drive
me to be a better missionary.  I enjoy receiving letters from
everyone.  I am so excited to hear that Anders and Angela made it out
of the hospital safely.  I love everyone!
Elder Trevor Walston

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I'm alive in Ghana!

Hey everyone! I am almost completely better from the typhoid now... I just get a little tired at times.  It is all good though and we are starting to teach some pretty sweet people.  I am starting to find food that I actually like and can eat and fix for myself.  I got a package from home today!  It had the photo album... thanks so so much!! Yep....  I am so excited for Angela and Eric and little new Anders!  I hope Angela is able to recover quickly and get better.  Speaking of little kids... one of the less actives in our area that we have been working with just had a kid a two weeks ago... we were just outside the home when his wife gave birth and we heard the baby's first cries... well... supposedly he is giving his child the first name of Walston... not quite sure what to think but I guess I am spreading my legacy here in Ghana!
We have had the opportunity to take some bikes and go to other towns in our area... we have gone to (I have no idea on how to spell these) Abredome, Kayieku, and Adejea.  It is cool to see the other villages around Nyenasi.  I have been picking up some Twi small small.  That is what they say instead of a little bit... but hopefully I be fluent in no time!  People are friendly here and I have quite a few people say that I talk way too fast so that they can't understand me... I am trying to slow down but I feel like I am then talking to a two year old.
I sent a few letters two and a half weeks ago and I will get the chance to send more today.  But thanks for all the letters I get! Umm.... I don't know what else to say...  It is really hot and humid here but it is rainy season so it is either hot or it is raining... and everything here is dirt... so it is muddy.  We organized a district in Praso last Sunday... so we aren't apart of the Assin Foso Stake anymore!  Life is good and getting better... I am here for a reason.
Washing clothes by hand sucks though...  Seven of my fingers started bleeding this last time I washed... it hurts... and then you are fed fufu and you eat it with your fingers... and with wounds on your fingers and putting it into the hot soup... it burns!  But yep! Love everyone back home!!  Miss everyone too! Take care!!
Elder Trevor Walston


One of the houses.
Kids in Ghana.

Washing clothes by hand.

How they get pure water.
A Storm coming in.
The water pump/well where people get their water in town.
Elder Walston's first baptisms!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One Month Down

This last week has been alright I guess... it was pretty normal to
start off with... just going around talking to people and all... I ate
a LOT of fufu this week... I guess since I am white or something
people like giving us Ghanian food to eat.  Then Saturday we had two
baptisms!! It was way cool... I was able to baptize the both of them
plus one other person that the Praso elders asked me too.  Their names
were Frank and Phillip... it was a cool experience!  Then when we got
back from the baptisms (we have to go to Naoma Krome since that is the
closest place with a baptismal font) I started to come down with
something.  These last few days have really really sucked... lots of
nasty nasty stuff.  I think I probably was only able to get an hour of
sleep that night... I haven't been able to sleep more than an hour at
a time since I got sick... :(  But I was able to get some antibiotics
and I am slowly starting to feel better... the doctor said he thinks I
caught Typhoid fever... I guess that shot didn't work :(  I still am
in quite a bit of pain but my companion wanted to come to Praso to
email today so I was willing to come... I think I just needed to get
my mind away from some things.  But yeah... lets see... it is hard out
here but it will help me grow stronger I guess... I got seven letters
this last week and that was AWESOME to get!  Loved being able to read
stuff from the family!  I wish Eric and Angela the best of luck this
week with everything!!  Thank you guys for all the love and support!

Elder Trevor Walston

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A beginning to week three in Nyenasi!

So... this week has been pretty casual... lots of teaching (well at
least when people keep their appointments) and a lot of walking!  I am
picking up on some Twi, now I can say most of the basic phrases but I
have a hard time understanding much.  My companion can understand most
of what the people say and he can just speak a little so it is a
challenge out here.  I have sure been eating a lot of fufu since I
have been out here and I like it quite a bit... it is just that the
soup that I have it with is a little bit spicy.  And since you eat it
with your hand,  the soup gets into my wounds on my hands from washing
my clothes.  Washing clothes by hand sucks...  both times now my hands
have been bleeding after I finished... My hands have been rubbed raw,
but it is what I have to do... I was told that I could buy a little
washing machine but it would be like 100 US Dollars, 200 cedis.  The
power and electricity is just ridiculous out in Nyenasi...  I think it
has gone out every day since I got here and we had no power from
Saturday night to Monday afternoon.  It stinks not having  fan since
there is no AC... makes it kind of hot in the home.
 So... we should have two baptisms this Saturday... it is two little
boys, I think they are 15 years old... they don't speak English but I
think they understand most of it.  They are awesome kids who I think
and hope that they will continue to go to church as they have learned
quite a bit... I think they have been talking with the missionaries
for the last four months now.
Yep... Some people here just love me and want to talk to me because I
am white... it is weird... I think I have had three women tell me I am
beautiful and say that I need no marry them... it is rather kind of
weird... I have had times where I wish I was black here... it is
starting to be weird to imagine so many white people in one area back
home now... what has Ghana done to me?
But yeah... I enjoy hearing from you guys!  Love you all so so much!!!
Ybesha! (We will meet again in Twi)

Elder Trevor Walston

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another week down and many more to go

Hey Everyone!  So... I guess I will probably email on Tuesdays since
that is when we have District Meetings and when we will be in town.
So... life is all right... it has been raining quite a bit and I am
getting pretty used to the weather... I am actually getting cold at
night!  But yeah... I tried fufu and banku the other day and they
weren't actually all that bad... it is weird though that you are
supposed just to swallow it and that you don't chew it... but yeah..
I also ate some dog today and it tasted alright but it was a little
fatty.  Nyenasi has probably about 500 to 1000 people and it is a
weird little village... all the homes are made of mud and these like
bamboo stick things.  It has been hard but I think that I am getting
accustomed to it quite a bit more.  We are teaching lessons but our
investigators aren't coming to church... apparently people don't keep
their promises or commitments here... President has all the
missionaries teach the importance of people keeping their promises for
the first lesson... when we did that I was surprised but now it is
starting to make sense.  Stuff is a lot cheaper here... garments are
just 50 peswes which is 25 cents.  But yeah... life is good.. kids
look at me like I am a freak because i am white... I think that it is
kind of funny... I cleaned our apartment yesterday and many it is
dusty... we have to keep our windows open since there is no AC... and
also we don't have any clean water so we have to buy water in plastic
bags to use for anything... but its cool.  Our town has goats,
chickens, dogs, and sometimes cattle just roaming everywhere...
weird... my first though when I got to my area was that i am in the
ghetto out in the middle of nowhere... I went to a school the other
day and it was just a shelter like a wooden pavilion with nothing else
but a chalkboard...  sad to see the poverty in this area.  Church was
interesting because everything was in Twi... it was DEFINITELY
different... they had me bear my testimony and then they had someone
translate it for me... it is weird that it is just my companion I can
talk to except for the one other time a week when we have district
meetings... but he is cool and fun... Yep that is life for me!  Love
you guys so so much!  Miss everyone but it is cool... Life will move
Wish everyone my best!
Elder Trevor Walston

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm in Ghana! In the field!

Hey guys! So I just got to my first area just a few days ago.  I am in Nyenasi.  It is pretty much in the bush... its kind of ridiculous but I have been enjoying it there so far.  It is kind of hard though because almost all the people there don't really speak English.  Most people only speak Twi.  My companion is way cool... He has been out for about a year now.  His name is Elder Molefe and he is from Botswana.  I am actually 10 days older than him though.  Its been cool to have him as my trainer.  He actually said that they put me in the worst conditions out of any area in the mission.  They have only ever had one white elder out in this area... Yay :)  Everyone here calls me "abrunee" which means white man.  I think I was called that at least 200 times yesterday.  I wouldn't be surprise is most of them had never seen a white guy before.  Its a bit of a culture shock but it is pretty cool.  It is just a very small branch.  I have written a few letters here but I can't send them because I forgot to bring envelopes and stamps and I can't buy stamps, you have to just take your letters to the post office to mail... and the closest post office is over an hour away.  Nyenasi is a crazy town.  Our apartment is a small little place with no hot water, no AC, and no clean water just behind the church... like 10 feet behind.  Its cool though.  I still haven't gotten any letters from the family yet :( But I got one from Hannah just a few minutes ago.  We had a Zone Conference today so I am in Cape Coast and I am getting to email.  I don't know if I will get to very often since I there isn't any internet in Nyenasi... or phone service for that matter.  Life is good though!  I forgot to bring pictures from home so you guys should send me some in letters :)  Soo... yeah.... Love you guys!  Till next time!

MTC district
Elder Trevor Walston & Elder Molefe (greenie & trainer) in their area.
Elder Trevor Walston's bed.
This is the view from behind the church in Cape Coast.
Zone leaders & companion in Cape Coast.