Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another Marvelous Week in Nyenasi

Hey everyone!  This week was alright.... hard but good at the same time... But yep!  So... this last week was rather boring... we are having a hard time to get our investigators to keep their commitments especially coming to church... it stinks that we have to be out proselyting for at least nine hours a day and that it is hard to get people to act upon anything even though that everyone says they will come to church or do something or another.  Oh well... I went on splits with the Zone Leaders for the first time last Saturday through Sunday... I went to Praso!  It was cool to see the differences and similarities between the two different areas in Ghana... I definitely felt like I was a little more at church in Praso and that they where more organized... But it was a nice change to see the differences and similarities of missionaries as well... I went with Elder Harris who is brand new to the area so that was an interesting experience but it was fun and I guess the want to do it again so I will having him come to Nyenasi this Wednesday.
But yeah... I am in Cape Coast today because the Zones got together for P-day and we played some football (soccer) and just chilled.... It was cool to see other missionaries and I got to meet Elder Dalton and talked to him and his companion for a bit...It is funny but we were talking and he came to one of our football Thanksgiving matches about three years ago where I probably meet him before.  Football was fun and I have a little competition here with the Africans and a few of the Americans can play as well... although I think I got burnt really bad for the first time since I got here... my forehead is burning right now!
I was able to weigh myself the other day and I am losing weight!  I have lost about 16 to 18 pounds... not sure how okay I am with that but I am back down around 150... but I better stop losing so much and tapper off... but the Elder Harris I went on splits with lost 90 pounds so far on his mission and he is 6'6" and he came here weighing only 270...  But I am going to do well.
One interesting thing that I saw this week... I got to see a goat give birth yesterday... right outside our Zone Leaders apartment... literally on the dirt ground right in front of their apartment... it was interesting and after a while the baby just popped out like in less than a second... Interesting to see... kind of gross though.
That has been my life for this last week... Though, fun, interesting, and I am not the youngest person in my district now!  Two Americans came this last transfer!  But yep!  Life is good and Ghana is still here and pushing forward!  Love everyone home and I really enjoy the letters!  Keep 'em coming! ;)
Elder Trevor Walston

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