Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another week down and many more to go

Hey Everyone!  So... I guess I will probably email on Tuesdays since
that is when we have District Meetings and when we will be in town.
So... life is all right... it has been raining quite a bit and I am
getting pretty used to the weather... I am actually getting cold at
night!  But yeah... I tried fufu and banku the other day and they
weren't actually all that bad... it is weird though that you are
supposed just to swallow it and that you don't chew it... but yeah..
I also ate some dog today and it tasted alright but it was a little
fatty.  Nyenasi has probably about 500 to 1000 people and it is a
weird little village... all the homes are made of mud and these like
bamboo stick things.  It has been hard but I think that I am getting
accustomed to it quite a bit more.  We are teaching lessons but our
investigators aren't coming to church... apparently people don't keep
their promises or commitments here... President has all the
missionaries teach the importance of people keeping their promises for
the first lesson... when we did that I was surprised but now it is
starting to make sense.  Stuff is a lot cheaper here... garments are
just 50 peswes which is 25 cents.  But yeah... life is good.. kids
look at me like I am a freak because i am white... I think that it is
kind of funny... I cleaned our apartment yesterday and many it is
dusty... we have to keep our windows open since there is no AC... and
also we don't have any clean water so we have to buy water in plastic
bags to use for anything... but its cool.  Our town has goats,
chickens, dogs, and sometimes cattle just roaming everywhere...
weird... my first though when I got to my area was that i am in the
ghetto out in the middle of nowhere... I went to a school the other
day and it was just a shelter like a wooden pavilion with nothing else
but a chalkboard...  sad to see the poverty in this area.  Church was
interesting because everything was in Twi... it was DEFINITELY
different... they had me bear my testimony and then they had someone
translate it for me... it is weird that it is just my companion I can
talk to except for the one other time a week when we have district
meetings... but he is cool and fun... Yep that is life for me!  Love
you guys so so much!  Miss everyone but it is cool... Life will move
Wish everyone my best!
Elder Trevor Walston

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