Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Time is Flying By

Hey all!! This week was pretty packed of fun.  We had our Mission Christmas devotional last Friday and that was way fun.  We sung a lot of Christmas songs, had some powerful instruction, and then we got to watch the movie Forever Strong as that is our motto of our mission right now.  That was cool but also way different to see a movie.  The Motto of Forever Strong and Kia Kaha is so awesome as we must always do OUR best... be the strongest missionary that I can be, be the strongest follower of Christ that we can be, and simply do OUR best.  We must focus on being our best selves.  Then we will be Forever Strong and everything else will start to come into place and we will be truly happy!  But yeah... so we also had a huge lunch full of rice! Sooo good!  Then we had a talent show and that was cool!  Fun time being able to see all the missionaries in this mission.... some of them I had never seen before.
Today we played some soccer with four other zones in this mission way fun!  Nice to get back and play some football.  But yeah... mission life is good!  It was cool to see as our ward mission leader go on his mission to Nigeria... he is in the MTC right now.  Missions are great... they are one of the best ways that you can serve the Lord, but in actuality, I am helping myself become a better person.  I have grown thanks to the Lord, but I have so much more room to improve... that is why we must lean on the Lord!  Put all our trust in him!
Well... I kind of ran out of time, But I love you all!  Take care!
Elder Walston

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