Monday, November 11, 2013

Getting Yet Another Companion

Hey Guys!! Nice to hear from!  This week has been pretty crazy and pretty sweet!  We are getting some pretty powerful investigators and the Ghanaian people are just awesome.  They are also willing to listen to what you have to say... sometimes the challenge here is deciding who is serious and who is just meeting with you just to talk to you, but I am loving it.  Elder Caveness came back this last week and so these last few days it has just been Elder Adams and me.
So Elder Adams is leaving me in the office to go to Odoben and I will be getting an Elder Holt... I don't really know all that much about my new companion besides that he has only been on mission for three months and that he is American.  It will be a blast here in Nkanfoa!  Elder McKeon and Elder Caveness are staying in the apartment so it shall be fun!
This last week I went on splits with our District leader and that was pretty fun... he is a sweet and powerful guy... makes me hope that I will able to help myself become more spiritual and be able to do work here in Ghana!  The other elders also had two baptisms this last week and that was cool to be able to see.
We definitely have some crazy sweet investigators... we had one feed us fufu yesterday... some of the best fufu that I have had.... it was really good and really nice of them.  I aslo had a chicken foot and cow stomach this week... they were not too bad... the chicken foot was really boney and the stomach was really chewy but not too bad.  We have an investigator who we started teaching this week and he has already given us referrals and he he brought a friend of his to church with him yesterday  It is way sweet to see people who have been prepared for this gospel and just be able to help them see the truth.  The work is surely an awesome and amazing work.  You just have to push forward and not be afraid to to speak, to share a message about the gospel and then you are golden!  Yep... missionary work can be grueling work but it is one that will always be worth it!
Ghana is so stinkin' sweet... I love everything here!  I hope the States are treating you all well!  Thanks for all the letters and all the love and support!
Your Ghanaian missionary,
Elder Trevor Walston

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