Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Time to Learn some Fante

So... little bit of news... I finished my training and tomorrow is
transfers and I am leaving Nyenasi... kind of sad... really sad... we
have an investigator being baptized on Saturday, but we are leaving
tomorrow... both my companion and I are being transferred out of the
area so we hope that all our efforts do not go to waste.  My
companion, Elder Molefe, is going to be a Zone Leader.  I am going to
the Mission Home Office to be an Office Elder... my proselyting area
is going to be Nkanfoa... from what I know they speak Fante there and
it is a little village right on the outside of Cape Coast... it will
be fun... I am going to be companions with an Elder Adams... hopefully
all will be well!
But yeah... it was pouring rain here almost all week... there were a
few times where we got stuck at certain places for quite a few
hours... but yeah it was fun... and my companion was a little sick as
well but we were still able to go out and teach... I think that we
have one other investigator who could be baptized in a few weeks if
the people after us keep on teaching him.  One of this guys best
friends is a strong member so I think that will end up good.
It was sad to have to bear my testimony and say goodbye to everyone at
church on Sunday... when we told the branch president that we were
both leaving the area, you could just see his head and shoulder
droop... it was sad to see President Armah, who is like 75 years old,
just look so devastated... but it will all be good!  They are having a
meeting to say goodbye to us and a member of the branch who is leaving
on a mission this Friday to Nigeria tonight.  But yeah... it has been
hard yet fun here... I have definitely seen myself grow!
So yesterday we had a Zone activity... it was pretty fun and sweet!
We watched the Best Two Years and the Other Side of Heaven and then we
tried to make hot dogs and onion rings with what Ghana has to
offer.... we also played some card games... it was pretty sweet!  Life
in Ghana is sweet... I think I have realized that I need to be more
like this people here... they are so nice and charitable... yeah...
But I think life will be a little bit different these next few months
as I will be at the mission home and everything even though I will
still be proselyting... Life is good though... you have to enjoy what
you have while you have it.  Love everyone back home!!!  Miss you and
wish everyone the best of luck with everything!

Elder Trevor Walston

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