Monday, September 9, 2013

Doing well here in Nyenasi

This week was just another week here in Ghana... not much really
happened... we got fed fufu three nights this week and then we were
just doing work trying to get people to come to church and then them
not coming... Last night we were teaching a lesson and right as we
said the closing prayer then the lightning struck nearby and the power
went out... and it started to rain pretty hard... we still don't have
power back... hopefully it won't be out too long this time... it makes
it a little harder to do stuff especially if we run out of water.
So I went to the farm again this week... we went to a members cocoa
farm and helped him harvest the cocoa... so cocoa can be green and
purple or if it is ripe it will turn to yellow or red... not what one
usually thinks of when they think of cocoa... but it was pretty fun.
And then we harvested a little bit of cassava so he could feed us and
his family fufu... right now that is the only Ghanaian food that I
really love. :)
So yep!  That is life here... just same old same old...  It is getting
hotter... at least I think it is... I am sweating a bit more...
especially during my study time... but yep!  I think I will probably
only have three more weeks here Nyenasi but who knows.  Love everyone
back home and miss you all!
Elder Trevor Walston

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