Monday, December 9, 2013

The Christmas Holidays Begin

Hey everyone!  Hope you all are enjoying this time of the year where it is just getting hotter and hotter.... well I guess for you colder and colder ;)  Hope everything is well and this Holiday season is a great one for all!  So Ghana has been sweet... we have been pretty busy in the office trying to get everything taken care of as missionaries are getting Christmas packages, preparing for the Christmas devotional and the fact that I am the only office elder right now.... can be a little stressful at times but I am figuring things out :)  But it has been fun and interesting being in a threesome again but this time I am 'that' third companion... it is way fun though... Elder Cavaness and Elder McKeon are sweet elders.  This week we took a little adventure and went to Forth Ridge which is like a 45 minute walk... it is in our proselyting area and we had a refferal from the bishop of the Moree Ward.  The man we taught over there was very nice... and it was also the richest person in Ghana that I have ever been at their house and taught.  We actually sat on chairs around a table... he heard about the church about 12 years ago and wanted to join but then he moved to Tamale, which is northern Ghana, and the church hasn't there yet.  Now that he is back down here he wants to join the church and hopefully we can help him be converted unto the Lord! 
So a scripture that I really like that I have read recently read is D&C 11:21... it says that must first know the things that we teach before we teach them.  We must be converted unto the Lord before we can truly convert others... we can't convert others beyond our own conversion.  It is so important to have a testimony for ourselves.  As we help our knowledge grow, then we will be able to help others come closer to God.
So I love you all!  And take care!!
Elder Trevor Walston

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