Monday, September 23, 2013

Life is good :)

Hey guys!  So today we came down to Cape Coast to play some basketball
and soccer... I didn't really play... just talked to the other
missionaries... but yeah... life has been cool. It is raining really
hard right now... this weather confuses me... yep! Yesterday was
pretty sweet... there is a member in our branch who hasn't been able
to come to church for quite a while because he had a stroke a little
ways back and can barely walk, his name is Kwame Adu... we where able
to get him a wheelchair and take it up to him after church yesterday
with our District, Branch, and Relief Society presidencies... we
talked with him and sang a hymn... that was a cool experience to be
able to help someone out like that!
We also were able to go to the farm last Saturday and help a less
active harvest his cocoa... we cut them open and just pulled out all
the seed and gathered them together... we probably went through around
800 cocoa fruit... it was pretty cool and fun except that i think i
kind of messed up my thumb... I got some of the fruit jammed under my
fingernail and it got shoved way far under... kind of hurts but it is
cool.  Other than that life is cool... it is weird to think that I
have been in Ghana for three months now. Oh... by the way... I got
another package from Mom and Dad!!!  Thank you!  Everything here is
great... life is good and I am keeping fairly healthy... or just
getting used to being sick. ;) Love everyone back home and miss
everyone as well! Thanks for all the mail and packages I receive!
Elder Trevor Walston

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