Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello from Ghana!

Hey everyone!!  So this week has been pretty well... fun and enjoyable.  I definitely love Ghana and most everything about it.  I have figured out that you choose how you feel and how you act... it is all up to one's self to decide how their attitude is going to be, for the better or for the worse.  So I guess we all better make that attitude the best we can, right? :)  So this week was a lot of teaching and a lot of work... and it has been getting quite hot... dry season is starting to hit and I can definitely feel the difference.  We were able to teach 20 lessons this week, but we are having trouble getting any of our investigators to come to church, but they are slowly making progress!  Friday was a fun and interesting day... with our zone, we went to Ola (a part of Cape Coast) and helped the bishop, Bishop Ewudzie, with building his house (our bishop's brother)... that was pretty fun and it will probably be one of the nicest homes in Cape Coast when it is done... we mainly just helped clean up and move stuff around and other cool things... we were there for about four hours just helping out... it was fun and good... it is awesome to be able to just help people out... then we were stuck in the office till seven that night and I kind of got sick again... a fever, bad stomach and some runny tummy... but luckily I felt better Saturday and was able to go out and teach.
This week we are supposed to write a little bit and send it to Sister Shulz on how exact obedience brings miracles.... I have realized that my mission as a whole has really been a miracle for me... it has helped me grow, overcome challenges and as I stick things out and just grin and bear it, you learn to love everything and you start to realize how much God knows what is good for you and why you are in the situations that you are in...  just have to trust in God... 'In God We Trust'... that is all we must do... do everything that he asks and then he will do the rest... we just have to put complete trust in him!
So I love everyone and take care!!
Elder Trevor Walston

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