Monday, October 7, 2013

Down in Nkanfoa

This last week has been pretty fun and crazy.  So last Tuesday my companion and I were trying to get the area and everything ready for the next set of missionaries who were going to Nyenasi... and then at night the branch held a farewell for us missionaries... which I kind of felt bad for but it was really nice of them to show how much they cared and they are really nice caring people.  So Danquah from there was able to get baptized last Saturday and that was AWESOME!! Even though I wasn't able to be there.
So my new place is pretty sweet... Nkanfoa is just barely outside of Cape Coast and it is where the mission home is... our apartment is actually like a two minute walk to the mission home.  So I am going to be in the office on Thursdays and Fridays from 10 to 4 just doing whatever they need... buying supplies, finances, and anything else they need help with and I have been told that they can call us whenever else that they need help... honestly I am already really bored of that place but it is still fun.  My companion is Elder Adams and he is from Logan, Utah... he is a really big and a really really quiet quy... kind of reminds me of Brandon Leonard looks and Nathan Jones in talking.... So we can say that I am having to be the one taking charge when we are out proselyting... its kind of weird because I am not the most vocal person but it is good for me.  In the first few lessons that we have taught I probably spoke all but 5 minutes... a great learning experience!
There is a ward here in Nkanfoa and most of the people here speak English but there is still a descent amount that just speak Fante... Fante is similar to Twi but people say it is easier from going to Fante to Twi.... so no luck in that but it is fun... I still understand small.  Our apartment is one of the biggest in the mission and I have the biggest bedroom in the mission... I almost don't like it but it is pretty nice.... there are two other Elders in the apartment, Elder McKeon and Elder Caviness... the are sweet guys, that are both from America as well... Elder Caviness is having to come home this week to get surgery, So I will be in a threesome until he comes back which should be in about two weeks later... hopefully.
Life here is good... missionary work is hard because they only have one person to teach... but hopefully I will be able to it moving along.
I love you all! I got a package from Mom this week.... it is nice being here because I then get the mail as it comes! :)  Thanks for all the love and support!  It is weird that it has already snowed there... I think I will have summer for at least the next two years... or a really really hot and humid summer for two years.. :) Love ya!
Elder Trevor Walston

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