Monday, February 24, 2014

An unexpected move...

Hey everyone!  How you all doing?  Ghana is wonderful as ever!  I have still have been without running water this last week.... makes things fun and interesting.  But last week was a lot of proselyting and and working with the members... we went to Winneba last Friday for interviews with President Shulz... that was okay, but I think after the interviews he got the feeling that Elder Assibey and I needed to split... so Saturday we went to Odoben for a baptism of the other elders in our area and after that when we got home I got a call from President Shulz... he told me that I was going to be transfered today to be with Elder Moffitt in Kojokrom, which is right next to Takoradi... so today so far I have been on the road making my way all the way across the mission from Asikuma to Kojokrom... it was really sad to leave the area so soon but that is what president thinks will be best so I will respect that.  Sometimes things are done for certain reasons that we don't know why but we have to do our best and do all that we are asked.  This was surprising and sad to move so soon especially as I was just getting to know everyone but I know that it will be for the best.  The Lord knows what is best for each and every one of us... he will help us, guide us, and put us in the situations that we need to be in... I hope that all of you have a wonderful week!  I love you all!
Elder Walston

Favorite Picture :)

Pounding Fufu
Two favorite members from Nkanfoa, Mary & Monica.
Relief Society President, Auntie Beatrice from Asikuma.

Monday, February 17, 2014

An interesting week in Asikuma

Hey everyone!  Hope all is well!  This week has been rather interesting to put it... the city shut off water for half the town last Tuesday... so we have had no water in the wells near our house and no water at our house... makes taking a shower, washing dishes, washing clothes, and using the bathroom all a little bit more difficult.  We have been using water sachets and fetching all the water we can carry from a well, which takes like 5 minutes to walk to... fun stuff. :)  But other than that, this week has just been full of going out trying to find more people to teach... lots of contacting... but it has been fun, but also challenging that we don't have too many people to teach but all is well!  It is nice to have a companion that can speak the Twi but that also makes it hard because there are then a lot of time that I don't know what is going on or being said... going from the Fante back to the Twi is rather confusing... since Fante is a little different I say things differently and people don't understand me and the fact that I can only understand parts of what they say... just got to refresh myself I guess!
One thing that I have noticed is that when talking to others about the church, is that when you just don't worry about things and just listen to what you think you should say, you are usually listening to the Spirit and that things just go better.  You just have to do your best do what you think and the Lord will be there to help you with everything else.  Things are always easy, but it isn't supposed to be that way.  We are sent here to have challenges so that we will grow and learn... so that we may become better people.
I love you all and stay strong!
Elder Trevor Walston

Monday, February 10, 2014

Off into Asikuma

Hey everyone!  How is it going?  Sad for the news that I received this week, but just know that I love you tons Ryan and Katie! You are two amazing people that I love.  You are forever in my prayers.
But this last week has been rather interesting… I ate cat with a TON of fufu this last week as a last dinner from the Appiah's… then I had to leave Nkanfoa… that was really sad and hard… I will truly miss that place…. I do miss that place but now I am in Asikuma!  Last Wednesday I took a trotro up to Asikuma and met the Elder I am training up here already as the Ivie's took him up here.  His name is Elder Assibey and he is from Kumasi, Ghana… he is a sweet guy and his native language is the Twi so that is nice but hard at the same time… Cool to know what everyone is saying, but I feel bad making him translate for me whenever I want to say stuff to and teach the people.  But this area is pretty nice… it is a pretty big town… at least the biggest one that I have been in.  The church has only been in Asikuma for six months now so it is very small but there is great potential for it to grow… we have pretty much just been contacting people this last week and trying to teach people… it has been fun.  Asikuma is definitely a lot hotter… doesn't have any sea breeze or anything to cool us off.  
Yesterday we went to Winneba as Swedru District was made into a stake… that was really cool… Elder Dube was the presiding authority there.  That was sweet!  Fun to see the church grow here in Ghana.
So… life is good… you just have to put all your trust in the Lord.  He trusts each and everyone of us and puts the challenges that we each face in front of us because he knows that we can handle them.  He trusts us and wants us to do our best but he knows that it isn't always easy.  
I love you all so much!  Take care!

Your Ghanaian missionary,
Elder Walston
Cat & Fufu
Eating cat
New Companions


Monday, February 3, 2014

Off on a new adventure...

Hey everyone!  How are you all this week?  I have been pretty good.  This Tuesday I got a call from President Shulz telling me that I am going to train these next two transfers.  That will be fun.  Then we received transfer news on Saturday and all I know is that I will be opening a new area, Asikuma, and I think that I will be with an African, but they won't tell me my companion until Wednesday.  I am sure that it will be great however... I am excited... it should be good!  Not much other than finding out that I am leaving really happened this week.  It is always sad to say goodbye to all those that you have met and love so much but I know that I am now needed in a different place! 
So tonight, since I am leaving, a member promised to make me some fufu tonight. :)  And she is killing two cats to eat with it!  They promised me a cat before I left so I will have that wonderful opportunity before I leave... I hear from most people that it tastes pretty good.
I want to share small about faith... one thing that I realized that when one has true faith, they will be faithful to the things in which they believe.  I took that and said that if I have faith in Jesus Christ, then I should likewise be faithful to everything that he has asked us to do.  We aren't supposed to be perfect people, but when we have faith, it has to be followed by action or our faith is in vain.
I love you all!! Have a wonderful week!
Elder Walston