Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Slow Week in the Office

Not all that much really happened this week... my companion was sick
most of this week and then right as he got better I got sick on
Saturday... it felt pretty crummy but oh well... I was able to get up
and go to church on Sunday... speaking of which I got to give a talk
in Sacrament Meeting and I also got to teach the Youth Sunday
school... I had only been able to spend 30 minutes preparing because
they let me know Friday and I was sick most of the time between then
and church... but it still went pretty well and I was able to take
most of the time that I was supposed to.  Yesterday was all about
missionary work... they had us, the ward missionaries, and the few RMs
do everything... it was pretty cool... a lot of powerful stuff about
missionary work... one scripture that I like is Corinthians 13:13 as
charity is one the most important things that we can have in our
missionary work and service.
So the rest of the week... when we were able to go out was spent in
the office... we had to go get more money for the mission and all the
Zone Leaders were coming down to Cape Coast for Zone Council so they
all had orders that we had to collect. My companion and I were only
able to actually proselyte yesterday because he was either sick or we
were in the office... and I guess I was sick on Saturday... But I
still was able to go with Elder McKeon on Wednesday as his comp was
sick as well... so I really haven't been able to teach all that much
in this area yet and that is kind of disappointing so I hope that it
will get better.
The Elders in this apartment eat a lot... and more than just rice and
noodles although we do still have that a bit... pancakes pretty much
every morning... I am starting to get fat again... gaining all that
weight back... not out in the heat walking as much and I am getting
more food in me.... yep... honestly I miss the tough missionary
proselyting work but the office is cool at times too.
I love you all so so much!  Take care!
Elder Trevor Walston

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