Monday, September 23, 2013

Life is good :)

Hey guys!  So today we came down to Cape Coast to play some basketball
and soccer... I didn't really play... just talked to the other
missionaries... but yeah... life has been cool. It is raining really
hard right now... this weather confuses me... yep! Yesterday was
pretty sweet... there is a member in our branch who hasn't been able
to come to church for quite a while because he had a stroke a little
ways back and can barely walk, his name is Kwame Adu... we where able
to get him a wheelchair and take it up to him after church yesterday
with our District, Branch, and Relief Society presidencies... we
talked with him and sang a hymn... that was a cool experience to be
able to help someone out like that!
We also were able to go to the farm last Saturday and help a less
active harvest his cocoa... we cut them open and just pulled out all
the seed and gathered them together... we probably went through around
800 cocoa fruit... it was pretty cool and fun except that i think i
kind of messed up my thumb... I got some of the fruit jammed under my
fingernail and it got shoved way far under... kind of hurts but it is
cool.  Other than that life is cool... it is weird to think that I
have been in Ghana for three months now. Oh... by the way... I got
another package from Mom and Dad!!!  Thank you!  Everything here is
great... life is good and I am keeping fairly healthy... or just
getting used to being sick. ;) Love everyone back home and miss
everyone as well! Thanks for all the mail and packages I receive!
Elder Trevor Walston

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chillin in the good ole Sun

Hey Everyone! So this last week has been cool and fun... it has been getting pretty hot and humid here... man I am getting really tan.... or maybe its just a permanent burn... but yep!  I am in Cape Coast right now since Ghana just passed a new immigration law where we had to come down and get immigration cards or we could be stopped and put in jail if we didn't have them (but really you could just bribe the police officers and it would be fine)... so the church has to pay a lot of money to get all their missionaries this so everything is cool with the Ghanian government.
But yeah... other than that not much happened this week... I went to Praso to go on splits with the District Leader and we biked to the town Kayriku again... it has been pretty fun... I think that we might have a baptism this next week... this guy, Brother Danquah, had his little kid (9 years old) baptized by the missionaries before me and so this guys is really strong... we have been teaching him for about two months now... yep!
Life is good... I only have two more weeks of training left and then I will probably be put with someone else as my companion... it is crazy to think that I was set apart 12 weeks ago today... And we watched the missionary broadcast today so I was President Bowman and our chapel!! That was cool... just like I was at home again!  Well... I love you all thanks for everything! And thanks for the packages Mom and Kristi!!
With Care!
Elder Trevor Walston

Monday, September 9, 2013

Doing well here in Nyenasi

This week was just another week here in Ghana... not much really
happened... we got fed fufu three nights this week and then we were
just doing work trying to get people to come to church and then them
not coming... Last night we were teaching a lesson and right as we
said the closing prayer then the lightning struck nearby and the power
went out... and it started to rain pretty hard... we still don't have
power back... hopefully it won't be out too long this time... it makes
it a little harder to do stuff especially if we run out of water.
So I went to the farm again this week... we went to a members cocoa
farm and helped him harvest the cocoa... so cocoa can be green and
purple or if it is ripe it will turn to yellow or red... not what one
usually thinks of when they think of cocoa... but it was pretty fun.
And then we harvested a little bit of cassava so he could feed us and
his family fufu... right now that is the only Ghanaian food that I
really love. :)
So yep!  That is life here... just same old same old...  It is getting
hotter... at least I think it is... I am sweating a bit more...
especially during my study time... but yep!  I think I will probably
only have three more weeks here Nyenasi but who knows.  Love everyone
back home and miss you all!
Elder Trevor Walston

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just another week!

Hey! This week was just one full of work...  I went on splits again with the Zone Leaders this last Wednesday... I had to lead everything since I stayed in Nyenasi... that was interesting but fun... we had a hard time finding a translator for the first two hours so it was interesting just trying to talk to people but then our Branch Mission Leader was able to come and help us and we had some pretty good lessons.  Life is good though... this last week I found out that I have been eating giant rats for quite a while... they call it grasscutter meat... guess I should have figured it out before but we saw them on the floor of the place where we buy our fufu and then I realized, "That's the meat that I have been eating." But yep!  and I got to eat the tail the last time we went there.... yum... actually it didn't taste all that bad.
So yep... today we came down to Cape Coast and had interviews with the mission president... it was cool and fun.... we went to one of the forts up here as well... I think it was called fort Victoria or something like that and then we ate fufu here... the best I have yet had in Ghana so far and I am really starting to like fufu... but not banku yet....
Life is good and I really don\t have all that much interesting to say... Love everyone back home and yeah!
Take care and with love from Ghana!
Elder Trevor Walston
Where we buy our Fufu
A door

Elder Walston at Fort Victoria

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another Marvelous Week in Nyenasi

Hey everyone!  This week was alright.... hard but good at the same time... But yep!  So... this last week was rather boring... we are having a hard time to get our investigators to keep their commitments especially coming to church... it stinks that we have to be out proselyting for at least nine hours a day and that it is hard to get people to act upon anything even though that everyone says they will come to church or do something or another.  Oh well... I went on splits with the Zone Leaders for the first time last Saturday through Sunday... I went to Praso!  It was cool to see the differences and similarities between the two different areas in Ghana... I definitely felt like I was a little more at church in Praso and that they where more organized... But it was a nice change to see the differences and similarities of missionaries as well... I went with Elder Harris who is brand new to the area so that was an interesting experience but it was fun and I guess the want to do it again so I will having him come to Nyenasi this Wednesday.
But yeah... I am in Cape Coast today because the Zones got together for P-day and we played some football (soccer) and just chilled.... It was cool to see other missionaries and I got to meet Elder Dalton and talked to him and his companion for a bit...It is funny but we were talking and he came to one of our football Thanksgiving matches about three years ago where I probably meet him before.  Football was fun and I have a little competition here with the Africans and a few of the Americans can play as well... although I think I got burnt really bad for the first time since I got here... my forehead is burning right now!
I was able to weigh myself the other day and I am losing weight!  I have lost about 16 to 18 pounds... not sure how okay I am with that but I am back down around 150... but I better stop losing so much and tapper off... but the Elder Harris I went on splits with lost 90 pounds so far on his mission and he is 6'6" and he came here weighing only 270...  But I am going to do well.
One interesting thing that I saw this week... I got to see a goat give birth yesterday... right outside our Zone Leaders apartment... literally on the dirt ground right in front of their apartment... it was interesting and after a while the baby just popped out like in less than a second... Interesting to see... kind of gross though.
That has been my life for this last week... Though, fun, interesting, and I am not the youngest person in my district now!  Two Americans came this last transfer!  But yep!  Life is good and Ghana is still here and pushing forward!  Love everyone home and I really enjoy the letters!  Keep 'em coming! ;)
Elder Trevor Walston