Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chillin in the good ole Sun

Hey Everyone! So this last week has been cool and fun... it has been getting pretty hot and humid here... man I am getting really tan.... or maybe its just a permanent burn... but yep!  I am in Cape Coast right now since Ghana just passed a new immigration law where we had to come down and get immigration cards or we could be stopped and put in jail if we didn't have them (but really you could just bribe the police officers and it would be fine)... so the church has to pay a lot of money to get all their missionaries this so everything is cool with the Ghanian government.
But yeah... other than that not much happened this week... I went to Praso to go on splits with the District Leader and we biked to the town Kayriku again... it has been pretty fun... I think that we might have a baptism this next week... this guy, Brother Danquah, had his little kid (9 years old) baptized by the missionaries before me and so this guys is really strong... we have been teaching him for about two months now... yep!
Life is good... I only have two more weeks of training left and then I will probably be put with someone else as my companion... it is crazy to think that I was set apart 12 weeks ago today... And we watched the missionary broadcast today so I was President Bowman and our chapel!! That was cool... just like I was at home again!  Well... I love you all thanks for everything! And thanks for the packages Mom and Kristi!!
With Care!
Elder Trevor Walston

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