Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just another week!

Hey! This week was just one full of work...  I went on splits again with the Zone Leaders this last Wednesday... I had to lead everything since I stayed in Nyenasi... that was interesting but fun... we had a hard time finding a translator for the first two hours so it was interesting just trying to talk to people but then our Branch Mission Leader was able to come and help us and we had some pretty good lessons.  Life is good though... this last week I found out that I have been eating giant rats for quite a while... they call it grasscutter meat... guess I should have figured it out before but we saw them on the floor of the place where we buy our fufu and then I realized, "That's the meat that I have been eating." But yep!  and I got to eat the tail the last time we went there.... yum... actually it didn't taste all that bad.
So yep... today we came down to Cape Coast and had interviews with the mission president... it was cool and fun.... we went to one of the forts up here as well... I think it was called fort Victoria or something like that and then we ate fufu here... the best I have yet had in Ghana so far and I am really starting to like fufu... but not banku yet....
Life is good and I really don\t have all that much interesting to say... Love everyone back home and yeah!
Take care and with love from Ghana!
Elder Trevor Walston
Where we buy our Fufu
A door

Elder Walston at Fort Victoria

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