Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A beginning to week three in Nyenasi!

So... this week has been pretty casual... lots of teaching (well at
least when people keep their appointments) and a lot of walking!  I am
picking up on some Twi, now I can say most of the basic phrases but I
have a hard time understanding much.  My companion can understand most
of what the people say and he can just speak a little so it is a
challenge out here.  I have sure been eating a lot of fufu since I
have been out here and I like it quite a bit... it is just that the
soup that I have it with is a little bit spicy.  And since you eat it
with your hand,  the soup gets into my wounds on my hands from washing
my clothes.  Washing clothes by hand sucks...  both times now my hands
have been bleeding after I finished... My hands have been rubbed raw,
but it is what I have to do... I was told that I could buy a little
washing machine but it would be like 100 US Dollars, 200 cedis.  The
power and electricity is just ridiculous out in Nyenasi...  I think it
has gone out every day since I got here and we had no power from
Saturday night to Monday afternoon.  It stinks not having  fan since
there is no AC... makes it kind of hot in the home.
 So... we should have two baptisms this Saturday... it is two little
boys, I think they are 15 years old... they don't speak English but I
think they understand most of it.  They are awesome kids who I think
and hope that they will continue to go to church as they have learned
quite a bit... I think they have been talking with the missionaries
for the last four months now.
Yep... Some people here just love me and want to talk to me because I
am white... it is weird... I think I have had three women tell me I am
beautiful and say that I need no marry them... it is rather kind of
weird... I have had times where I wish I was black here... it is
starting to be weird to imagine so many white people in one area back
home now... what has Ghana done to me?
But yeah... I enjoy hearing from you guys!  Love you all so so much!!!
Ybesha! (We will meet again in Twi)

Elder Trevor Walston

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