Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One Month Down

This last week has been alright I guess... it was pretty normal to
start off with... just going around talking to people and all... I ate
a LOT of fufu this week... I guess since I am white or something
people like giving us Ghanian food to eat.  Then Saturday we had two
baptisms!! It was way cool... I was able to baptize the both of them
plus one other person that the Praso elders asked me too.  Their names
were Frank and Phillip... it was a cool experience!  Then when we got
back from the baptisms (we have to go to Naoma Krome since that is the
closest place with a baptismal font) I started to come down with
something.  These last few days have really really sucked... lots of
nasty nasty stuff.  I think I probably was only able to get an hour of
sleep that night... I haven't been able to sleep more than an hour at
a time since I got sick... :(  But I was able to get some antibiotics
and I am slowly starting to feel better... the doctor said he thinks I
caught Typhoid fever... I guess that shot didn't work :(  I still am
in quite a bit of pain but my companion wanted to come to Praso to
email today so I was willing to come... I think I just needed to get
my mind away from some things.  But yeah... lets see... it is hard out
here but it will help me grow stronger I guess... I got seven letters
this last week and that was AWESOME to get!  Loved being able to read
stuff from the family!  I wish Eric and Angela the best of luck this
week with everything!!  Thank you guys for all the love and support!

Elder Trevor Walston

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