Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello from Ghana!

Hey everyone!  How is everything going?  It is kind of weird to think that it is getting to be winter there and that it is just getting warmer and hotter and humid here, but I think I am finally starting to get used to the weather here... we got to watch both afternoon sessions of General Conference yesterday!  That was pretty sweet... the bishop let us watch it in his office in English while  everyone else watched it in the chapel in Fante.  So the bishop has AC in his office and I was FREEZING the entire time... I actually like the heat... the only time it really bothers me is when the sun is scorching down on me... but yeah... conference was pretty sweet from the two session that I was able to watch... I have to say it was kind of weird to see that many white people but I love the messages!  And we were able to get two investigators to come to church and see conference!  First time since I have been in this area that anyone has come... but then again when I came there was only one investigator.  This last week was pretty good... we taught and taught and taught some more.  This week was AWESOME!  It is weird that I am almost done with a transfer here in Nkanfoa... and Elder Caveness is coming back this Friday so only four more days of a threesome and then back to just Elder Adams and me.
So... one thing that I have realized this week is that there are miracles that are happening in every aspect of our lives... we just have to open our eyes to them and pay attention.  As long as we are being diligent and doing all that we should be, we will be blessed in many different ways.  In District Meeting this last week we were challenged to, at the end of the day, to just take one moment to take a look at the day and see all the blessings that the Lord has provided us with... it really is amazing to see how the Lord really has a hand in everything that we are doing.  Yep!
Yep.. so I love you all!  Take care!
Your Ghanaian Missionary,
Elder Trevor Walston

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