Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm in Ghana! In the field!

Hey guys! So I just got to my first area just a few days ago.  I am in Nyenasi.  It is pretty much in the bush... its kind of ridiculous but I have been enjoying it there so far.  It is kind of hard though because almost all the people there don't really speak English.  Most people only speak Twi.  My companion is way cool... He has been out for about a year now.  His name is Elder Molefe and he is from Botswana.  I am actually 10 days older than him though.  Its been cool to have him as my trainer.  He actually said that they put me in the worst conditions out of any area in the mission.  They have only ever had one white elder out in this area... Yay :)  Everyone here calls me "abrunee" which means white man.  I think I was called that at least 200 times yesterday.  I wouldn't be surprise is most of them had never seen a white guy before.  Its a bit of a culture shock but it is pretty cool.  It is just a very small branch.  I have written a few letters here but I can't send them because I forgot to bring envelopes and stamps and I can't buy stamps, you have to just take your letters to the post office to mail... and the closest post office is over an hour away.  Nyenasi is a crazy town.  Our apartment is a small little place with no hot water, no AC, and no clean water just behind the church... like 10 feet behind.  Its cool though.  I still haven't gotten any letters from the family yet :( But I got one from Hannah just a few minutes ago.  We had a Zone Conference today so I am in Cape Coast and I am getting to email.  I don't know if I will get to very often since I there isn't any internet in Nyenasi... or phone service for that matter.  Life is good though!  I forgot to bring pictures from home so you guys should send me some in letters :)  Soo... yeah.... Love you guys!  Till next time!

MTC district
Elder Trevor Walston & Elder Molefe (greenie & trainer) in their area.
Elder Trevor Walston's bed.
This is the view from behind the church in Cape Coast.
Zone leaders & companion in Cape Coast.

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