Monday, March 30, 2015

Goodbye Green Hill

Hey everyone!! How has your week been?  This week has been quite busy trying to get the area ready for sisters and there have been some other programs as well.  This week started of really good as we had a zone conference.  President Stevenson instructed us and it was quite inspiring.  He talked about how we can have 'astonishment' when we look back at the things that we will accomplish... how to have astonishing results.  We looked at two examples: the people at the waters of Mormon and the people of Melchizedek.  It was really good.  Another highlight was on Friday when we were able to go to the Croffie's and help make a cement patio in the front of their house.  That was a lot of fun hard work.  I was so hungry that the fufu they gave us afterwards I ate all of mine and my companion's (since he doesn't really like fufu).  Sooooooo good!  It was fun.  Then on Saturday the branch held a going away party for us.  They pounded more fufu than I have ever seen in my life and they killed a goat for us.  It was really nice.  The sad part is that I started getting sick.  It is a baptism curse... every time we have a baptism I get sick.  Just kidding, but we had a baptism after that for Francis Ayensu.  A sweet kid who we have been working a bit with.  He will be a good member.  But then that night we received transfer news and I will be going to Assin Foso to be with Elder Ripplinger on Wednesday.  The only part of the mission that I haven't seen yet and I hear that the power and water isn't all that great.  It is one of the more bushy parts of the mission.  It will be fun though.  You will get to hear my experiences from there next week!  But yeah... then I woke up Sunday, still sick, but I lost my voice.  I could barely speak and it comes out like a whisper.  Kind of stinks trying to teach and talk to people when you can't really speak.  But oh well... my voice is back today, just very very deep and I still have a runny nose.  This week has been good though.  There will be two sisters training in Green Hill next transfer.  But yeah!  Love you all and hope that you have a good week!  
Elder Walston

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