Monday, March 23, 2015

Always an Adventure

Hey everyone!  How has the week been?  It has been an interesting week for us elders here in Green Hill.  We all kept quite busy.  On Wednesday I was able to go back to Nkanfoa on exchanges again.  This time I went with Elder Stoddard.  We had a day full of walking and it was quite tiring but one cool thing that happened is that the elders there had been trying to get mutual activities started there and we had an activity where we played football with the young men.  We were trying to teach them how to play frisbee but some crazy elder accidentally broke the frisbee.  I felt bad that I broke it but we all enjoyed and had a good time.  It was a very good turnout.  It was fun to be able to be with the young men in Nkanfoa again.  But then on Friday some bad news came.  We found out that all four of us elders here in Green Hill will be transferred out of here on April 1. They are bringing sisters here next week so I have one more week in Green Hill and I will have one more area left.  I will find out all of that news on Saturday.  But the members were very sad to hear all about that.  So were we the missionaries.  But it is all well.  This upcoming week will mostly be preparing the area for the sisters to come in and move on with the work that we have been doing these last few months.  But we will have one last baptism before we go this weekend for Francis Ayensu.  That will be sweet.  But I love you all! The working is continually progressing! One step in front of another.

Love ya!

Elder Walston

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