Monday, March 9, 2015

Keepin' Busy

Hey all!  Hope that you week went well!  It was quite busy here this last week.  We celebrated Kristi's birthday here as it was also the birthday of Ghana with their 58th Anniversary of the independence on March 6th.  I was also on exchanges that day with Elder Loader.  That was a good day.  I also went on exchanges on Wednesday with Elder Egunza.  It is weird being with a different person every other day, but it is also cool to see different elders.  It is nice that my companion and I will get to be together most of this coming week.  I am pretty excitted for this upcoming week because Elder Dube will be coming to visit us here in Cape Coast on Thuirsday.  That will be sweet to hear from him.  But the work is here in Green Hill is going well.  We will be holding a baptismal service this week which will be exciting.  One of the people being baptized, Priscilla, even went to the branch temple trip that we had last month even though she could not enter.  She loved just being able to go to the temple site and being there and lucky enough for her, the YSA here in Green Hill are planning a temple trip in three weeks so she will be able to go then.  Then there are a few other sweet people we are working with.  March will be a very good month.  We are seeing a lot of the work we are putting in to pay off.  We saw 9 of our investigators who we are working hard on come to church this last week plus two of the kids we are slowly working with.  It was sweet.  Sweet is the work!
This week I have been waking up a little early to go running and work out.  I worked out 6 days this week and went running 5 days this week.  It is nice having Elder Jensen in the apartment as he motivates me to do so.  I gives me a boost during the day.  I have also been making myself smoothies with the fresh fruit here.  It is all good.  Enjoying in Green Hill.
Well... I love you guys!!  Have a great week!
Elder Walston

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