Monday, June 2, 2014

June Already?

Hey everyone!  I hope that the week has been very good for all of you.  This week has been pretty sweet.  Thanks to Mom and Dad my companion and I had the stuff to make pizza and enjoyed some yesterday.  It was really nice. :)  Haven't tasted much American food in quite a while... still tastes rather nice.  We were really full leaving the apartment after eating and we went to our recent convert's house to see if she could help us with some lessons, but when we get there she said that she had fufu waiting for us... I was so fulll after that but very grateful of the generosity... the people here in Ghana are so caring ... but on to this week.  It rained a lot this week... all the Ghanaians are starting to say... oh, the rainy season is here.  The rain makes it a lot harder to go proselyting because all the lessons that we teach are outside and the Ghanaians sleep or other stuff when it rains... but it was all fun.  On Tuesday we had a member of our ward ask for a blessing of comfort from us, as she is taking her exams in the last year of her high school, and she had a friend, who is not a member come to get one as well.  It was a really cool experience to be able to give these blessings and I was really able to feel guided in what to say.  I have had a lot of opportunities to give blessings since I have been here in Ghana and it is a very cool experience.  Yesterday I was also able to take place in a confirmation.  These are all very cool experiences where I have been able to have been guided by the hand of the Lord.  Blessings of doing the Lord's work.  This week we had a hard time with some of our investigators... one of them, was looking really promising and all of a sudden told us to stay away from her for the next month.  No reason. She won't explain, she just wants us to stay away for a month... then we had another one who has just started lying to us... especially about the Word of Wisdom... it is hard to help people when they deny themselves the help and won't face the truth.  Sometimes the truth is hard, but when we face it, it will be the best for us in the long run.  So we ended up dropping those two, at least for now.  Until they will listen to that which we have taught them.  But this week we starting teaching a Naval Officer in the Ghana Navy.... big man and a sweet man.  We taught him inside his home... a really nice home and I think this was only the second time where I have taught a lesson while sitting on a couch...  I have hope for this man a he was a referral from one of the members in our ward. 
Well I love you all!!  Hope you have a wonderful week!
Elder Walston

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