Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Wonderful Day in June

Hey all!  This week has been a good, fun and eventful week.  We started off this last Tuesday by going to Takoradi and having a Zone Conference.  We met with President and Sister Shulz and learned about our new mission president coming here next week, President Stephenson.  It was kind of like their farwell.  It was sad to say good bye to the Shulz but they have truly served and done a marvelous work here in Ghana.  When we were there Sister Shulz had us do a little activity... she had us all blindfolded and then we had to hold on to the rope and be lead by one of our leaders... there were many things that got in the way, such as bushes, ditches, trees, and whatnot... then at the end they lead us away and they told us to wait for further instruction.... then people started singing "Come Follow Me."  So I went there.  Sister Shulz compared the activity to life... there will be trials and difficulties that we have to get through and sometimes we can't see them coming or understand why we have to have them but nonetheless... they come.  But when we look to the Savior and follow him and his ways, our eyes can be opened and we will see what we have gone through and how the past, if endured well, has lead us to our wonderful reward.
Then after the conference on Wednesday morning we went and weeded a plot of land for some of our members.  They are planing on building a house for them there... that was a lot of fun.  I always enjoy being able to do some physical labor and help the people here... surely enjoyable.
Other than these things... not too much really happened this week.  We have been working hard to try to keep things going.  The World Cup has constantly been on people's minds here... they sure do love their futball.  But all is well.  We had a very cool experience this last week... we had this person we had been trying to see for quite awhile, but she was never available so we had not tried as hard to see her... but she called us last week and we were able to see her that day.... The cool part is that we had received a referral earlier that morning and it happened to be her younger sister and now we are able to teach the both of them.  A blessing from the Lord.
Well... I need to go, But I love you all!  I hope that you all have a splendid week.
With Love,
Elder Walston
President and Sister Shulz and I

Our service project this week... we went and weeded a member's land.

Soccer ball I bought ( I like what it says.... so Ghanaian).

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