Monday, May 26, 2014

Miracles truly do happen

Hello all!!  Hope that your week has been wonderful because ours has.  We have been blessed this week as all the work we have been putting in is starting to pay off... we are starting to get more investigators and a few more serious people to teach.  We have been pretty busy this week.  We had interviews with President Shulz on Wednesday and that was neat... our last time that we will have interviews with him before he leaves to go home. :(  The Shulz have been awesome for the mission.  President Stephenson will arrive on the 28th of June... exactly one year after I came out... kind of interesting.  But we had some really good instruction from the assistants about how we need to have a deeply rooted and genuine love for the Savior and that will lead to everything else... it will allow us act for the people here and develop a love for the Ghanaian people.  It will drive us to act... they compared it to the difference between Nephi and Laman.  Nephi was deeply rooted while Laman was not so when they faced 'drought' or hard times it caused Laman to 'perish' while Nephi was able to survive.  It was cool, but too short.  Especially the interview as President was rushed since we were combined with Sekondi.  But yeah... it was sweet.  Then this weekend our ward's ward conference.  They make a much bigger deal about it here than they do back home... it is bigger for them than General Conference is for them.  But it went rather well... our chapel was so crowded though... not everyone could even fit inside the chapel.  The stake leaders had some good things to teach the members. 
Then today we had a District activity at the Julanders, the couple missionaries on the Takoradi side of the mission.  That was way fun and sweet.  Sister Julander made us cinnamon rolls!!  Way good... and we watched 17 Miracles.  That movie is very good and very inspiring.  It makes me want to have that kind of determination that the early pioneers had when on the trek... they went through so much compared to what we go through... we need to do our best with everything we do.  The Lord will not place anything too hard in our way even if we think it is.  The Lord knows our limits and he truly pushes those limits to the max but he will be there to lift us up.  Those trials are the things that build us... You can take it that if the Lord allows trials to come your way that is because he knows you are strong and can handle them. 
Oh yeah... I got a package from you Mom and Dad!  Thank you!  It was in a box :)
Well I love you all!  Hope that your week is amazing!!
Elder Walston

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