Monday, March 3, 2014

Just chillin' in Kojokrom

Hey everyone!  Hope life back home is all cool.:)  It is pretty sweet here... Kojokrom is an area that is a little different because it is city but then it is also the village at the same time... I guess there are just different parts of our area that are totally different to each other, but it is sweet.  The power has been pretty bad though here... keeps going off, but that is just a part of Ghana.  Kojokrom is split into two areas and I think that we area more along the outskirts of the town and the more villagey side of things.  Right now there aren't very many people who we have been teaching but that is something that we are working on!  Elder Moffitt is a sweet guy... he is from South Jordan, Utah... at least I think that is the part of Utah he is from... at least that area.  But yeah... he has been out for 9 months.  This week has just been rather busy going out and trying to see people... we have been seeing a lot of recent converts and less actives and trying to help them.  But yeah... we have one member that always helps us, Brother Arhin who is 68 years old!  He is such a sweet guys but he sure does like to talk a LOT... sweet guys though.  The ward here is nice... still trying to get to know them better but it is cool.  The biggest ward that I have been in I think. They speak quite a bit of Fante here but they also speak a lot of English... pretty nice.
Life is good... recently I have been reading the war chapters in Alma.  I think one interesting thing about it is that Moroni prepares and fortifies all their cities and helps them to be safe from all the Lamanites.  The Lamanites were still able to overtake a few of their cities but because of their fortifications they were protected so much more.  Likewise, we need to strengthen ourselves with the light and gospel of Jesus Christ. That doesn't mean that we will not have 'losses' in our lives or hard times that we have to deal with, but we need to be ready for the best.  When we fortify ourselves, we will be able to face the challenges that we have at hand to the best of our capabilities and we will be able to know that we did our best.  
I love you all and take the best of care!
Elder Walston
Us in our area!
View of our area

Train tracks got flooded
Me and a Monkey!

A view from our apartment

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