Monday, March 10, 2014

Just another good old week...

Hello!  This week has just been a good week here in Kojokrom... doing a lot of work and we are starting to have a little bit of success... We are working with some sweet individuals... I am excited for what we can do in this area... If we stay together it will be sweet!  The place died off a little bit but I am sure that things are going to start picking up more and more!  But this last Monday we had FHE at a member's house this last week... they fed us a Ton of fufu... it was pretty good I have to say... we have been having a lot of fufu and banku this last week... there is a pretty good chop bar in town... nicest one that I have seen in Ghana.  But I can't really complain about anything... except we haven't had power Saturday and Sunday... but that is just Ghana for you.  I am excited for this week as we have a mission tour with Elder Vinson of the Seventy... that should be fun and spiritually uplifting to be able to learn a little bit more about the gospel.  I have definitely realized that being out in the middle of Africa, just teaching the gospel to those around us makes me stronger in every aspect of my being.  Sorry I don't have much to say today, but I don't feel like too much has happened this week.  I guess today was an entertaining day as we came to the Takoradi stake center and played some soccer... I have realized that I have absolutely no energy at all... it has been way too long since I have ran or played or anything like it... but it was fun to be able to get together and play some games.
So this week I read a talk that was given at General Conference in Oct. 2012... 'Converted unto the Lord'... it is a sweet talk that talks about how we must have both testimony and conversion... that without a testimony conversion is impossible and with only a testimony, we might falter.  From what I understand, if we build our testimony and then truly do all that the Lord asks, putting in all our heart, might, mind and strength, then we will be truly converted.  But not just converted to this or that, but converted unto our Lord.  We must build up our testimonies and then act upon them... action... such an important part of our lives... if we put in the action, then we will truly succeed and be blessed for all that we have done.
I love you all!  Keep safe and enjoy the good old USA!
Elder Walston


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