Monday, March 17, 2014

A killer week in Kojokrom!

Hello all!  This last week was pretty sweet!  It started off by going down to Sekondi and meeting with Elder Vinson of the Seventy... he is the First Counselor in the Africa West Area Presidency.  It was sweet and he talked about so much sweet and interesting stuff.  One thing that really hit me is that he talked about acting and not being acted upon or acting upon someone else.  We must do all we can to be and act our best, but we should not force others to do things or make things a certain way.  We also should not do things because we feel like we 'have to' but rather because of a sincere desire.  He covered so many things and it just made everything click together... it was powerful to hear him speak.
After that we had a pretty good week proselyting... we have two sweet investigators, Julie and Stephen.  Julie is actually a Nigerian but she is a powerful person.  They are so accepting and it is inspiring to see people hear a message and be completely willing to change their lives on the message that they hear from just young missionaries such as myself.
Then Saturday was a busy day... we actually fed by members all three meals of the day which was sweet!  But in the morning we went and weeded an area of land that some members are going to build their house... that was way fun but weeding with a cutlass destroys your hands... I think I ended up with six blisters on the palm of my hand... Africans are tough and sweet people... I think next week they might let us go with them and we will make cement blocks to build the house with.  But yep!  Then I was also able to finish the Book of Mormon again... sweet stuff.  Then that night we received  transfer news.... and I will be staying here in Kojokrom and Elder Moffitt will be leaving and Elder McKeon will be coming to be my new companion... excited to be able to be with Elder McKeon again... that will be a ton of fun.
But overall this week was pretty good... been able to work with the members more and more as that is one thing that Elder Vinson stressed... we cannot do the work without the help of the members around us.  Each of us need to be missionaries, and as we have been told, every member a missionary!  
I love you all!  Keep safe and take care!!
Elder Walston
It rained a lot...

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