Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Week without power.... more or less...

Hello guys!  Thanks for the updates and I hope that everyone is doing well!  Kojokrom is doing pretty good... this last week was okay except for the part that I might have caught the flu on Tuesday... I have been completely out of energy these last few days... but all is well... I am doing better now.  Power has been pretty bad across Ghana I have heard though.... We haven't had power for probably half the nights this week and it has now been off for over 48 hours... yep!  But I got my new companion this week... it has been fun being with Elder McKeon... I picked him up on Tuesday and we have been doing work on our area... we have been able to find a few new people and been able to work on things together... it has been good.
Yesterday we went to stake conference here in Takoradi... it was cool to see everyone across the stake gather together... there was quite a few people there and we were able to get two of our investigators to come.  I learned yesterday that there are about 3100 members in the Takoradi stake... definitely not all of them came, but it is cool to be able to see the devotion of members to a certain cause.  We were also teaching our investigator, Julie, and it is cool to see her conversion happen and continue to happen...  I have seen her give up so many things and do so much just to live the standards set by the church and study the things we ask her to and do more than asked... she will go the extra mile and that is something that can set us apart.  If we go that extra mile and do all those things that will distinguish us from others, then we will see changes in our lives that will differentiate us from others.  We need to become our best selves and the only way that we can do that is by doing the most that we can.  
Life is good, the church is true, and I am happy to be able to serve the people here in Ghana!  Love you all!
Elder Walston
One huge rooster & Elder Walston

Elder McKeon & Elder Walston
Trevor sent this picture to me, Kristi. I gave him this tie...and they don't have dry cleaners he said. Crazy oh dirty.
It was raining rather hard...

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