Monday, March 31, 2014

A Wonderful Week

Hello all!  I hope that everything is going good back home and everywhere else.  I have had a pretty good week... pretty interesting as well.  As I have said before, there is a monkey in our area and I took my companion by to see it the other day... we gave it a few bananas to eat and some ground nuts... I was crouched down just watching it for a minute while it was eating and it just jumped at me trying to grab me... scared me to death, but luckily I was quick enough and since it was tied to the tree I was able to get away... but his fingers pretty much brushed my face... fun little experience.  And then later that day there was a man who called us over to talk to us and learn why we were in Ghana... he was a little bit drunk, so we were trying to just say small and then leave, but then I looked behind him and his friends right behind him, who he was with, were snorting drugs right in front of us, right in the middle of a main path... I think that it is sad that people waste their money  on such things, especially when they are living in circumstances such as these... sad to see.  But there are some amazing people here as well.  One of our investigators, Julie, had us over yesterday to make fufu... and she actually let us make it... I drove it and Elder McKeon pounded the fufu.... it was fun... first time that I have been able to drive it and it was fun... it ended up tasting really good... she made a really good soup with it... and I ate goat stomach with it and cow skin... pretty good!
But this week I was listening to some of the music that Kristi sent me and one of the song's lyrics really hit me... It was talking about how we all have our different trials in life.  It mentioned different things that have happened to people such as loosing loved ones having a home burn down or such.  It said that "like stones in the river we are tossed and turned" but that is what makes us grow. It is being tossed and turned in that 'river' that makes us who we are... it shapes us just like the river will shape those stones.  We are helped by Christ as he has suffered through the atonement for each and every one of us... we will be helped through these trials and we are never alone.  We will have trials, no doubt about it, and some may have harder ones than others, but we all will have that help from our Savior as long as we look to him.
I love you all! Take the best of care!
Your Ghanaian Missionary!
Elder Walston

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