Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just another week...

This week was pretty good... just another solid week with our investigators... we were trying to help people the most we could.  We have been preparing Julie this last week as she is going to be baptized on Sunday.  She is powerful and most of the time we go to meet with her, she will teach us.  But yeah... this last week we had a bit of kenke, which I thought was the worst food in the world when I got here... but I am actually liking it pretty well right now.  Elder McKeon and I made a sweet Ghanaian stew... they make really good stews here that you eat with either rice, yam, cassava, plantain, kenke, or banku.  But yeah... just normal life.  This week we decided to try this little treat that we saw being sold on the side of the road... it tasted like this little peanut butter ball but then I got a kick that made it taste nasty... turned out that they put hot peppers in it.... Ghanaians really like hot peppers here for some reason...
But yeah... not too much has happened this week.  We played some footbal with some kids this week while we waited for an investigator and that was way fun... But I can definitely tell that I am out of shape....  I have lost all of my endurance... But we played a little bit of rugby today for fun as a Zone Activity.  Pretty Fun.
So a little spiritual though today.  A scripture that I really like is D&C 121:7-9.  We all will have adversity and afflictions but we must endure them well.  It is only a small moment of time that we will have to endure these things... and we have people on our side.  The Lord is on our side... we must all try our best to push through what we have in front of us. 
Love you all!  Have a wonderful week!
Elder Walston



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