Thursday, July 4, 2013

Almost One Week Down

Hey guys!  So we got to go to the Accra Ghana Temple today and do a session there.  That was a pretty neat experience.  And only about 20 of the elders have been endowed (most of the Africans didn't come endowed) so most of them are going through for the first time today and tommorrow.  It is cool to see.  But yeah... ever since I got here my stomach and chest has felt weird... I geuss I am just getting used to the food or something even though it is pretty much rice for every meal EVERY day.  But life is good and I am not going to complain.  It has been a lot of learning and teaching and everything.  I am excitted to get out of here and into the mission field.  I am starting to be able to understand people better here.  Only seven more days after today and then I go to Cape Coast!  I saw my mission president today at the temple.  I love you guys!  Still haven't gotten your letters yet but we will see when they come.  Take care!  And you guys should email me. Love you guys!!!
Elder Trevor Walston

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