Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September coming to a close

Hey everyone!  Hope that you are all safe and sound!  I have had a very good and blessed week this week, even though the power has been off probably 80% of the week.  We have been able to teach a lot and we just simply had a good week.  We were supposed to have a baptism this week for a sister, Belinda, this week, but sadly the baptismal font did not fill up because the water has not been running the last few days (it is as consistent as the power).  But Belinda is ready and she is as sweet as ever.  She is 22 years old and has a little 5 year old boy, Joel.  It was a blessing that we were able to teach her because she is someone who we contacted and tried to follow up on a few times, but she was never at home when she told us to come. Then about two months later Edna, the member who we were working with when we contacted her, ran into her and she said that she wanted us to come by.  So we did and she was so very happy with the things we taught and the rest is history.  She loves the church.  I am excitted for her.
Let's see... what else happened.  Yesterday was Elder Shinasi's last Sunday as he is going home today, so we go fufutwice yesterday and this morning.  It was really nice.  It was sad to have to say goodbye to Elder Shinasi as we have been together in the same apartment for the last eight months, but I am happy for him.  He is a sweet elder.  I was able to go on splits with him yesterday as his last day out.  It made me realize how much I will truly miss all these people when I finally will have to say goodbye.  Ghanaians are the best and Kojokrom is simply the best as well.
Well...  I love you all!  This work I am blessed to do is a wonderful work!  I hope that you all can be engaged in it as well!  Love you!
Elder Walston

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