Monday, October 20, 2014


Hey everyone!  How are you?  This past week has been pretty good.  We were blessed by many things this week.  Each and every day is a blessing.  We are all truly blessed each and every day.  Sometime we just have to look at the blessings that the Lord provides us with.  The Lord loves each of us and will provide us all with the help that we need.
The most interesting thing that happened this week is that I got to deal with someone who had been involved with polygamy.  It is a practice that takes place here every now and again but mostly by the chiefs.  For them, they have to have special permission to be baptized. That was an interesting experience. 
Today we had a Zone Activity and went to the beach and played some rugby and had some fried rice.  It was pretty good the only downer was that it was raining pretty hard.  But it was fun nonetheless.  We enjoyed.  There are two really really good rugby players in our zone.  One played for the US National team and I believe the other might have played for South Africa's.  It is a very fun sport and I hope that I am not too sore tomorrow.
One thing that I have been studding these last few days is about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it.  It is really, along with the spirit, the most important thing that can build each of our testimonies.  It will truly bring us closer to Christ, I can testify of it.  It is there to help us so we should use it!
Well, I am sorry that it is so short today, but I am short of words.  Love you all!

Elder Walston

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