Monday, October 6, 2014

Greeting from Kojokrom

Hey family!  How are you all doing?  The wonderful town of Kojokrom is doing quite well.  This last week was good.  We had some sad news however,  Belinda who was to baptized had to leave to go to Ivory Coast today so we were not able to hold the baptism.  Her mother is staying there (as her father was an Ivorian) and she wants to have her little boy, Joel, to go to school in Ivory Coast.  So she is taking him there to go to school and to stay with the mother.  She will be gone for a month so we will have to wait until then to continue with her.
But this week was okay.  We had an elder get transfered into Kojokrom this week, Elder Pearmain.  He is a sweet guy.  He is the first American I have been around since I was with Elder McKeon.
We also were able to do a service project with our Zone this week.  We went and weeded for Isaiah's Children school that is owned by a member.  Sadly she had a stroke not too long ago so she still had trouble walking too much.  It was a blessing that we were able to go and weed for her and help the school.
This week I have been reading in the Book of Helaman.  It is sad to see all the wickedness that happens all because of the secret combinations of the Gadianton robbers.  From everything that I have seen, they are the cause of ALL the wickedness, wars, and destruction.  We must make sure that we do not get ourselves caught up in such a wicked way.  We must rather follow the other way, of looking to Christ our Savior.  That is how we will experience true joy and happiness.  That is were we can find peace rather than destruction. 
I love you all very much!  I hope you all enjoyed General Conference very much... we don't get to watch it until the first week of November.  Take care everyone and enjoy life to the fullest!
Elder Walston

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