Monday, July 7, 2014

A Marvelous Work!

Hey everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!  Hope that Ashton had a wonderful experience being baptized as well... it is so cool!  But he is getting so old!  But yeah... this week has been pretty good on this side of the world.  We have been working with one of our investigators, Emmanuel.  His father won't allow him to come to church... he told us that he is going to work out how he will be able to come to church.  He even said that if he has to he will move out and find himself his own place, as he is 20 years old.  We are trying to help him and we are planning on teaching his father tomorrow and hope that his father's heart will be softened.
We also had a cool experience with an investigator, Mavis.  For her she had been sick and had been having body pains all day.  We went and saw her on Thursday night.  She asked us if we would "pray" for her before we left.  So we explained to her about blessings and gave her a blessing... the next morning she gave us a call and told us that "by the grace of God, I am healed."  She was completely better... no pains, no anything.  Definitely a experience to remember.
Also we have this very cool member in our ward... his name is Brother Arhin... he is about 68 years old but he loves his Lord and Savior and loves to share the gospel.  He is the best member missionary that I have ever seen... he wants to go out with us and help us all he can.  Maybe a week or two ago, we were teaching Emmanuel and his sister was calling him over to go pound the fufu for her (not an easy task... gets a little tiring)... but Brother Arhin goes over and does it for him... a 68 year old... but he wants to help anyway he can and he does.  Since we have been in this area we have been struggling in getting any referrals, but he has given us 6 people to teach in the last two weeks and they are all people that he has already shared the gospel with.  He is such a great example, even to me.
Recently I have been reading "Our Heritage" and it is very humbling to see and read about the pains, trials, and afflictions that the early members of the church had to go through and suffer.  From the beginning, people were persecuting them until they had to leave to a different area.  They built the Kirtland Temple and had to leave Kirtland just two years later... they just barely completed the Navoo Temple and then they had to leave to go west.  They had to go through so much, yet so many of them remained so faithful.  So do we have that kind of faith?  Where no matter what trials we face, we will be able to handle them.  The pioneers were able to face these trials with a cheerful heart because they knew the truth.  We should also be able to know the truth with such a conviction.  This is what we should all strive for.
I hope that you all have a great week!  I love hearing from you and glad to hear that all is well!
With love and care!
Elder Walston

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