Monday, July 28, 2014

Sweet July!

Hello everyone!  This week has been nice.  We went on splits twice this past week... well I guess it wasn't really splits because both times it was both of us with the other elder.  On Friday we went on splits with Elder Shinasi... that was fun... we ended up proselyting in both of our areas.  We went to Fijai in the morning which we had to take a trotro out to.  It was cool... but we only had one lesson out there.  Then we came back to Kojokrom and had a pretty good day.  We had one of our investigators feed us some plantain ampesi with a kontrumbre stew (I have no idea how to spell it but it is this leaf that is similar to  spinach).   It was very nice!  Then we were fed it by one of our members on Saturday.  It is the only meal that I have had that the host or the one feeding us has actually eaten with us.  I have only had a Ghanaian eat with me three times and all three times it has been plantain ampesi.  It was very nice of them though.  We also were fed some very nice fufu yesterday.
But I would have to say that the highlight of the week was being able to get to go out with President Stevenson on Saturday.  We were told on Friday afternoon that President Stevenson was going to be with us Saturday evening to go proselyting.  So he was able to proselyte from 5 pm until the end of the evening.  We definitely had quite a few failed appointments but we were able to see two of our investigators, Sarah and Beatrice.  They were very good lessons and I very much enjoyed President Stevenson's input in both of the lessons.  It was very cool to  have this experience.  He said that this was only the 8th time that he had been out so far.  It was nice.
Yep... this week was okay.  We had to just come back to finish our emails as the power went off in the middle of writing you guys.  My time is short, but I love you and hope you have a wonderful week!  Love you all!!
Elder Walston

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