Monday, April 28, 2014


Hello! This week was pretty good!  We had a ton of help from the members and that was an absolute blessing!  It makes things so much easier when we have the help of the members... we actually had one of them call us Friday morning and tell us that she was free and ready to go out proselyting with us... such a blessing.  Especially for our investigators that do not speak any English.  This work becomes so much harder without the members and virtually impossible.  Been a blessing this week.  We had one lesson this week where the Father decided to join and he was completely drunk... he tried to take over the lesson and say everything... lets just say it was frustrating... but a tender mercy of the Lord after a few minutes of that is that his grandchild pooped his pants so he went off dealing with that for the rest of the lesson.  The Lord works in many different ways and he blessed us by a little boy pooping his pants... who would have thought?
It has been raining quite a bit these last few weeks... it makes it rather hard to go around and things... at least it makes the bottom of my pants really muddy along with my shoes... but I have yet to slip and fall in the mud!  The rain is really nice because it cools everything down but the following days are always no fun since it makes it very hot and humid... but things are definitely cooling down since rainy season has started to come.  
So this week is transfers and for the first time everything is staying the same!  I am very grateful for that and I hope that I get to stay in Kojokrom for quite awhile... I love the people here.  I feel that as long as you work your hardest... the longer you stay in an area the more you learn to love them and don't want to leave.  I hope that I get to stay here at least a few more months.  I am tired of moving from place to place... but the Lord has a plan for me and everything will work out!
Well... I love you all!  I hope that you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Walston
It rained...a lot...

A classic child being scared by the big abrunnee.
The monkey actually belongs to a less active member!

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