Monday, May 5, 2014

And the rains came down...

This week was pretty solid.... it was a busy week.  We now have two more missionaries in our apartment so we had to do a little bit with transfers and making the apartment suitable for six missionaries.  But yeah.... this week we have had fun working hard.  This week it has rained a ton... pretty much every day this week... that has made it fun proselyting...makes it a little bit of a mud pit.  But it's all fun and games. :)  Elder McKeon and I were able to teach quite a few people and we have been really trying to find more people to teach... it has been rather hard to find new people to teach because everyone we talk to wants us to talk to them but they are in their ways and aren't willing to keep commitments or they just want to talk to the "obrunees".  We have doing our best at working with the members with referrals, but most of the members don't live in our area. :)  But the work is slowly progressing!
Yesterday we were able to come to Takoradi and gather as a stake to watch two sessions of this last General Conference... we were able to watch Saturday afternoon session and Sunday morning session... there were some very good and inspiring talks.  I very much enjoy listening to all the talks and I am excited to e able to read the rest of them once I get a Liahona on my hands.  Our leaders are very inspired men and women.
Since I have been here I have realized that the Lord blesses us with so many tender mercies.  There are so many things around us each day, as long as we pay attention, that we are truly blessed with from the Lord.  I have been taking some time each day just to think about these tender mercies that the Lord blesses us with... it is rather cool to see and realize everything the Lord does. It is something that each of us can do that will help us be more thankful for what we have been so kindly given.
Well... I love you all!!!  I hope that you all have a wonderful week!
Elder Walston

Llook what I found in Takoradi!!!! Way too much... but it tasted good!

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