Monday, June 8, 2015

Just keep on tickin'

Hey all!!  This week was a sweet week!  We were blessed by the Lord for sure.  This was our most productive week together here in Assin Foso.  We were blessed to get 18 member present lessons this week.  We have been blessed by the members help and support, especially one, Joyce.  We were working hard this week and the work is finally paying off.  We have been working with three investigators a lot: Kofi, Alex, and Evelyn. This Saturday Evelyn was baptized.  It went very well and she was confirmed on Sunday.  It was really good although she was extremely nervous.  The other two, Kofi and Alex, will be baptized this coming Saturday.  They are doing great.  Alex is a teacher at a senior high school here in Foso and Kofi is a farmer here.  They are great people.  It was cool to see but in investigators class one of the people were saying stuff against our beliefs but Alex was setting him straight.  It is cool to see the conversion some people come to have about the gospel.
Well.... ummm.... this week has been pretty rainny and pretty cold.  I wish that I had brought a jacket or something sometimes but it is okay.  I have been enjoying out here though!  Especially with the fufu!  Well... Love you all!!!!!  Have a great week!

Elder Walston

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