Monday, February 16, 2015


Hello everyone!!  This week was a rather busy week.  On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Lagaiti in Cape Coast.  He has only been out for two months now but he is doing sweet.  A nice elder from Samoa.  His English is still improving small small but he was fun to be with.  We had a choir practice with their ward and by the time we finished my voice was dead.  I guess I was shouting too loud as I can't really sing at all.  But it was fun.  We enjoyed together.  Then Thursday I was able to do a baptismal interview for the other elders in Green Hill.  The only problem was that I had been running that morning..... so I didn't quite make it there and we had to go back to the apartment before I could proceed forth with the interview.  But it went all good.  He was a sweet and the interview went amazing.  He spoke English very well and probably the fastest that I have seen a Ghanaian speak but it was fun.  Then on Friday I went on exchanges this time in a threesome with Elder Egunza and Elder Chukwu in Cape Coast.  That was a very good day as well.  I was able to do two baptimal interviews for a mother and a daughter who were baptized on Saturday.  Emmanuela and Gloria.  It was so cool.  But yeah... then yet another splits on Saturday this time with Elder Jones.  But yeah... yesterday my companion was sick so we spent all day inside.
Yep.... I was cleaning ALL day today so I am very tired.  Sorry for the shortness.... but I love ya!!

Elder Walston

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