Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Week to Remember

Hey everyone!  This week has been fun and eventful.  I went on companion exchanges twice this week.  On Wednesday I went exchange inside Cape Coast to Cape Coast 2nd ward and served with Elder Tobler.  That was fun he is a sweet elder.  We ended up only teaching one lesson to a Rastafarian from Nigeria named Commonwater.   That was interesting to hear his views and beliefs.  Didn't seem like he was too interested in sticking to one church but we will see what they will be able to do with him.  Then on Friday we had district meeting and interviews with President Stevenson.  I instructed along with the assistants and Sister Stevenson.  That was fun but took so long... it lasted for about five hours.  I instructed about repentance which was a fun topic for me to study and to learn about, especially as that is one of the most important aspects of the gospel that we have to apply in our lives.  Then the assistants instructed on working with members and Sister Stevenson instructed on health and safety.  She stressed on all the things that Dad has been making sure that I am doing... eating healthy, exercising, ect.  It was good.  But then on Saturday we went on exchanges again but this time I stayed in Green Hill and Elder Makoti came and joined me.  He is from Botswana and is a pretty cool guy.  He is the first African elder who I have seen to love play basketball.  I hear that he was really good back home.  But that was fun.  Sunday we were completely blessed.  We have these two members bring 4 new people to church as referrals and we had six other investigators at church.  It was a pretty sweet church service.  We have one of those investigators who should be baptized this coming Saturday and there are few others who are showing plenty of promise.  We taught this one man, Enoch, who after our first lesson invited to be baptized and he said I am ready to be baptized right now.  It was pretty cool.  We were able to have another amazing lesson with one of the referrals who came to church, Priscilla, who is the cousin of a recent convert.  She is powerful and she enjoyed church.  Usually one of the biggest hold ups that Ghanains have with joining the church is that we don't sing, dance, and speak tongues like most Ghanaian churches do but she really like the church.  Green Hill is looking promising.
This week my studies were focused on repentance.  Repentance is such a wonderful thing as it allows us to change.  One quote I liked however us that there is no royal road to repentance.  It is the same for the all of us.  No matter who we are, we all have to go through the same steps of repentance.  But it has been provided as a way to become free from any burden that may plague us.  It is blessing to us that is just waiting to be applied in our lives.
Well I love you all!!! Have a marvelous week!
Elder Walston

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