Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another one for the books...

Hello everyone!  Hope that you have had a wonderful week.  This week was good... we were able to have a baptism this week.  Stephen Mensah Effisah.  He is sweet, has a great personality, will become a great leader in the church... that is my hopes anyway.  It is funny... after his baptism, there was a bird inside the church in one of the classrooms... I saw him walk in and then he came out carrying a bird... something like a Robbin... but just carrying it in his hands. Other than that this week we have been trying to work with the members and trying to find more people to teach, more serious people to teach.  One of the hardest things is finding those people.  But it has been going well... just have to keep on pressing forward.  One interesting thing that I got to do is I got to dedicate a man's home this last week.  A member who we are good friends with, actually from a different ward asked us to come to his house that he just moved into (which is now in our boundaries, but a lot of people don't really listen to the boundaries).  He asked me to dedicate it for him... definitely something that I thought that I would never get to do while I was out here.  I get plenty of opportunities to perform blessings... but I never thought that this would happen.  It was pretty cool to do.
So one interesting thing I have learned from my studies this past week... not really a spiritual thought, but an informative thought... So it took six days to create the world and the seventh he rested... and from the Doctrine and Covenants and the book of Revelation we learn that the earth's span will be seven thousand years long and that Christ will come again at the begginging of the last thousand years... one day in the eye of the Lord is a thousand years here on earth... which means means seven days and the last (the Millennium) will be a day of rest.... just an interesting thought.

But yeah... a cool quote I found this week, which I found in PMG is something like the most important work that we can do is within the walls our our own home...  our families are so important... we need to always strengthen and uplift one another... that is the way we will all be able to succeed... when we strengthen and uplift one another, everything will go better.
Sorry, but when I come to email.... I forget the things of the week... but I love ya all!
Elder Walston

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