Monday, February 3, 2014

Off on a new adventure...

Hey everyone!  How are you all this week?  I have been pretty good.  This Tuesday I got a call from President Shulz telling me that I am going to train these next two transfers.  That will be fun.  Then we received transfer news on Saturday and all I know is that I will be opening a new area, Asikuma, and I think that I will be with an African, but they won't tell me my companion until Wednesday.  I am sure that it will be great however... I am excited... it should be good!  Not much other than finding out that I am leaving really happened this week.  It is always sad to say goodbye to all those that you have met and love so much but I know that I am now needed in a different place! 
So tonight, since I am leaving, a member promised to make me some fufu tonight. :)  And she is killing two cats to eat with it!  They promised me a cat before I left so I will have that wonderful opportunity before I leave... I hear from most people that it tastes pretty good.
I want to share small about faith... one thing that I realized that when one has true faith, they will be faithful to the things in which they believe.  I took that and said that if I have faith in Jesus Christ, then I should likewise be faithful to everything that he has asked us to do.  We aren't supposed to be perfect people, but when we have faith, it has to be followed by action or our faith is in vain.
I love you all!! Have a wonderful week!
Elder Walston

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  1. White washing an area is fun. We had an area that was secretly open where the members were baptizing each other and not keeping records so it was a surprise when we discovered a branch in a newly opened area…good times.