Monday, January 27, 2014

Cape Coast... a wonderful place to be!

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all having a wonderful winter this year and a wonderful week!  This week has been pretty good and busy!  So last Monday I was in Greenhill's area for a little bit and I saw some wild monkeys!  Four of them!  That was awesome!  But yeah... other than that we were pretty busy in the office and going out trying to see people.  And this Thursday we were able to get together with two other zones and receive an instruction about becoming a consecrated missionary... that was powerful and sweet!  It made me realize how much room I have to improve.  But yeah... just a good week.  We had two of our investigators come to church yesterday and one of them will be baptized fairly soon.  Fun stuff.  And yesterday we were also able to be fed by one of our members... they fed us some rice balls and palm nut soup.  They also had some crab in it and I ate a huge crab... everything... it was pretty good.  The people here are so nice and sweet... simply love it!
Today we had a sweet District activity... we went to the Crittendens home, they are our office couple, and we watched Ephirium's Rescue... sweet movie!  And then we had this Kenyan dish that one of the elders made us.
So I just want to talk about what I learned from my instruction a little bit, about being a consecrated missionary.  It shows that we must put in all our time, efforts, and heart.  To be consecrate is to give our all... and that is what we all must do... we must give our all to the Lord.  That is how we will receive the greatest blessings and miracles... through being fully consecrated to the Lord.
I love you all and wish you the best of luck with all your endeavors back home!  Love you!
Elder Walston

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