Monday, February 17, 2014

An interesting week in Asikuma

Hey everyone!  Hope all is well!  This week has been rather interesting to put it... the city shut off water for half the town last Tuesday... so we have had no water in the wells near our house and no water at our house... makes taking a shower, washing dishes, washing clothes, and using the bathroom all a little bit more difficult.  We have been using water sachets and fetching all the water we can carry from a well, which takes like 5 minutes to walk to... fun stuff. :)  But other than that, this week has just been full of going out trying to find more people to teach... lots of contacting... but it has been fun, but also challenging that we don't have too many people to teach but all is well!  It is nice to have a companion that can speak the Twi but that also makes it hard because there are then a lot of time that I don't know what is going on or being said... going from the Fante back to the Twi is rather confusing... since Fante is a little different I say things differently and people don't understand me and the fact that I can only understand parts of what they say... just got to refresh myself I guess!
One thing that I have noticed is that when talking to others about the church, is that when you just don't worry about things and just listen to what you think you should say, you are usually listening to the Spirit and that things just go better.  You just have to do your best do what you think and the Lord will be there to help you with everything else.  Things are always easy, but it isn't supposed to be that way.  We are sent here to have challenges so that we will grow and learn... so that we may become better people.
I love you all and stay strong!
Elder Trevor Walston

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