Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hey everyone!  This week has been pretty good.  Rainy season is starting to kick in as  it has rained four of the last five days now, but that is all part of the work.  It is nice because it cools everything down while it is raining, but when the sun comes back out it is just as blistering hot and more humid. The sad thing is that I am getting cold here too much when it rains.  I guess that I have adapted to the Ghanaian weather too much. I had one of the members up here in Foso making fun of me because I was saying that I was too cold and it was one of the warmer days that week!  I even had goose bumps.  But it is all good.  Not too much all happened this week.  One of my investigators from Green Hill was baptized on Saturday, Leticia.  She was the wife of a recent convert that we had been teaching and had all prepared for baptism.  Sunday was pretty bad in way of attendance for church especially since it was our ward conference.  It was an out right down-pour Sunday morning and so most of the people took that as an excuse of not to come to church.  Only about maybe 60% of the people who came the previous week came yesterday. :/  But it was good!  Afterwards we had two massive plates of jollof rice... MASSIVE.... it hurt my stomach but when they insist that you eat, you eat! Well I get to have my last interview with President this week before my exit interview... I am excited to be able to speak with him.  It is always an enjoyable time!  Well I love you all!  Yebeshia!

Elder Walston

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