Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Hey everyone!  This week was sweet! On Wednesday we had our interviews with President Stevenson and that was sweet.  He tried to advise me on what I should do when I go home, but he somehow confused me a little more.  I think that I will just leave it to when I get home to decide.  But it was good.... we were instructed by the Zone Leader and by the Assistants on working more with members and the recent converts and less actives as that is how the most success will come.  It was really good but the best part was that they let us watch Meet the Mormons.  That was a really good documentary that had some good stories about different members of the church.  It was really weird to see everything from back home though.  It was sweet though.  One of the other cool things that we have been able to do this week is that we have been working with one of the families in the ward quite a bit.  Two of them are very active members but three are less active.  We have been talking to them and trying to get them to strengthen their testimonies.  One of the less active members even came to church this week.  But it has sparked a lot of conversions even just between Elder Ripplinger and I.  We have been talking about some of the things that we want with life... even families.  We see so many families that are disconnected here in Ghana and that completely affects everyone involved.  Family units are one of the most important things in this gospel.  They can hold us together and help us to go forward. 
One thing that I have been able to do a lot this week is to read my patriarchal blessing and that is something that I would recommend everyone to do.  There is such power within and it has been able to help me greatly.
Another thing that I pondered deeply this week was as I partook of the sacrament I felt the spirit deeply.  I pondered "Am I worthy to partake of the sacrament"  So many times we just go on with life and we are just in the swing of things.  Maybe we aren't doing anything bad, but are we striving to do better and on that constant quest of improvement and repentance.  We must make sure that we are on that quest.  I hope that all made sense.
The work here in Assin Foso is going well.  We have one investigator who is doing very, Kofi.  He doesn't speak any English but is a sweet man.  He is a farmer.  It is cool.  We have to have a lot of help up here with translations as only about half of the investigators that we have speak English.  Twi is the language here and since I spent the last 18 months in Fante land it is a little different but at least they are very similar languages so it isn't ridiculously hard to go back and forth.  But it has been fun!  I love the people here!
Well... I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week!  Hope that you enjoy the pictures I sent!  I had to catch up since it had been awhile since I last sent them!  LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Elder Walston

Pictures from Green Hill:

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