Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ghanaian Greetings

Hello all!  Hope that the week went well for you all.  It was a wonderful week here in Kojokrom.  We got fed quite a bit this week and that was really nice.  We got fed fufu a few times, rice balls, banku.  It was pretty nice.  But yeah.  This week I went on splits with Elder Pearmain in my area.  That was fun.  We were blessed with a pretty good day.  But yeah... the highlight of my week was yesterday, my birthday.  Two of the members, Gloria and Julie, made doughnuts for everyone at church for my birthday and stuff.  I was fun to be able to be here in Kojokrom for my birthday.  I also had someone make me a photo album and bead tie.  It was way cool.  Then today we went to the Julanders and watched 17 Miracles.  Powerful movie that I would suggest everyone to see.  It was way good.  People have been treating me well.
This past week I have been studding about Diligence and being consecrated to the Lord.  One thing is that we must put everything on the alter of sacrifice.  We must do all that we can.  A story I like is that of Roger Bannister.  He was the first one to break the four minute mile.  But he had to be diligent leaving everything he had to accomplish the task at hand.  That is at times, what we all must do.
Well, I love you all!
Elder Walston

My companion elder Pearmain and I.... left overs of fufu and goat (I ate the eye ball and head) and rice balls and the presents a member gave me for my birthday:

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